How Hitler’s Scientists helped to create Area 51 (1947) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I was supposed to upload this, before the “Storm Area 51” fiasco, but as usual, I’m late. lol

I read this article some years back and even though I had read it several times over the years, I never figured that this, was the story of how and why Area 51 came to be.  It was only when I saw a satellite image of  Area 51 that it clicked with the photo in this article.

According to this story, it was in the Spring of 1947 that Area 51 or the….”Home of the Impossible,” as was the term used here, was not wanted, but needed.

Needed because all of the 100’s of tons of Nazi Technology, Scientific Papers, Blueprints, Prototypes, New Branches of Science, New Metals, New Chemicals…  that we confiscated from the Third Reich. We here in the United States and our Scientific Community had no facilities in which to study the vast New Technology that came from Germany… not even close.

I mean goddamn, when Nazi Scientists said that a Space Station was possible, American Scientists laughed.

The other thing that Ive seen on YouTube and other works about Third Reich Technology is, “Oh the German’s were so smart.” Yes, under Hitler, German Tech was unmatched anywhere on the planet,  but it was before Hitler as well. Hitler just united them to one cause.

The main reason German Science beat American Science, was not because German Scientists were any smarter than American Scientists, it was because, German Scientists wanted to raise Germany up, not for fame, not for money, but for the Nation itself. “For the Fatherland”

Our Scientists here in the States are easily bought and paid for, and will screw us over for fame and money. If you can make more money from research, than finding a cure, we’ll stick with the “research” until the second coming. LOL

Think about my story on Nazi Germany’s Space Program and their Atomic Bomb I had on YouTube and was deleted. Deleted by Youtube because, the truth is not advertiser friendly.

1935, Germany found a link between Cancer and Smoking and had smoking banned in public places. Our doctors here in the States ignored this for what?… 30-40+ more years because of the fear from the all powerful tobacco companies. 

When Germany was occupied  in 1945, the allies realized, the Germans needed some form of currency to trade for goods…yep…cigarettes

In the end, it was the Insurance companies that brought the truth to light, as they were paying millions in premiums to people dying or getting sick, from lung cancer, emphysema, heart attacks etc.

That’s why I say, the motto of American Historians and Scientists is,

“Fuck the Truth and the Facts be damned.”

That’s another reason, I’m always going in on these assholes, fuck them and the theoretical science they rode in on.   This  why I love the U.S. Military.

It was the U.S. Military, who said, “if we don’t get Hitler’s Scientists, Stalin will.”

We had a few older facilities and some new ones that had to be made for quick study…but

We had to build an up to date facility, not only to study what the Nazis had in their possession, but also what the Nazis were working on up until the last days of the war in May of 1945 and what the Nazis had planned for the future.

This place would be pretty much, Peenemünde Part II

aka- Area 51


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