French Anthropologist Predicted Rise of Omega Level Humans with Powers. (1946) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

If there was a Hogwarts or a School for the Gifted, like in X-men, they would be in one of 3 places.

Beijing, Moscow or Prague.

The reason for these conclusions are that, the study of ESP, Clairvoyance, Mind Over Matter and his kind, have been studied for centuries in these places. I’m excluding the Old Lodges of Germany, France and Austria etc.

What I’m referring to, is the study of human ascension to the next level in evolution that has been predicted by the ancients.


Personally what I believe is, that we (Some of Us) are not evolving per se, but have kept what we were thousands of years ago. While the rest of humanity, has devolved to their present state or humanity may be from many different branches all together. I believe that those of us who have these powers,were strong enough to be able to keep our line from the “old gods” alive.  I believe we have been around for thousands of years, but with the rise of Social Media, we are able now to document the whereabouts of our Brothers and Sisters all over the world in every country.

Psychotronics is the study of  Mind and Machine.

While Google, Facebook and the like, have bragged before the world about the potentials of AI, the Russians have been working on A.I.C. or Artificial Induced Consciousness since the 60’s.

The merging of Mind (Consciousness) and Machine.


In China, there is a real Professor X, who has made it his life’s work in studying these “Exceptionals.” It was the Chinese who coined the term Exceptional Human Function.    (People with Supernatural Abilities.)

I call them/us “Exceptionals” for short.

In Prague there are still the most Ancient Works of Science, that have survived the Great Flood, protected by our Brothers and Sisters throughout the ages.

Psychics are not ‘Exceptional.” People that can control bodily functions..body temperature etc. are not “Exceptional.”


There are three types of “Exceptionals” or “E’s” according to their Power Level.

 (“E” for short because the 3 main classifications all begin with the letter E.)


These three classifications are looking at weaponization of

these individuals working covertly for the Military.

Enhanced Humans (Alpha Level) Non-Threatening 

Extreme Humans  (Mu Level) Powerful, but can’t Control Powers

Exceptional Humans (Omega Level) Dangerous

An “Exceptional” or an “E” are people who can Manipulate Matter and move energy in real time on a Macroscopic Level.

Those of you who are American and you are reading this and the other articles I will post on this subject, will see that there is a branch of Science hidden from us here in the U.S.

Ive studied Psychotronics and Exceptionals for 30+ years.

I’m not only going to show you what I know and what Ive learned, but also what I can do myself. Boom!


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