How the Rothschild’s Stole Palestine (1945) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

This is one of the reasons the Zionists who controlled England during Hitler’s rise, pushed for War with Germany and had England declare War on Germany. Hitler wanted Peace, but this War would pave the way for the Zionists to take control of Palestine and make it their Homeland in the Future, as their Prophecy dictates.
I can only trace this Prophecy back 120-30 years as stated in the books in my possession, even though I’m sure it goes back much further.
Just in case you want to call me a “liar” or “Anti-Semite.”

This is just one of the many…’Outlined Plans?” to reoccupy Palestine and stated in the Zionists books of Prophecy.
So for me to watch all of this unfold is very interesting. The information in these books have a better hit rate than Nostradamus. 

I did a Post some months back about Baron Von Rothschild helping Hitler Financially.(1935) People will say, “The Rothschild’s are Jewish, so why would they help Hitler?”

Hitler:”Nobody in Germany wants War.”(1935)

All of this was/is part of the Plan to take Palestine…(and the whole Middle East, but that’s another story)


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