GMO’s and 70 Years of Lies.(1946) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences


…and YouTube called me a “scam artist.” LOL


This is just so Fucked Up, I’m not sure what to say. Oh, but we’re the “conspiracy theorists.”

I’ve checked all over the web and it seems the ‘Elite” have given their “lapdogs,” instructions on what to feed us (No Pun Intended) concerning Genetically Modified Organisms. The “shills” and “academic slaves” all published the same Bullshit Content. Yet in the 1946 article, there were GMO factories in all 48 States in the Union. LMFAO

(Alaska and Hawaii became States in 1959)

The strangest thing is, this article and some of the other ones you’ve seen here, all act as if, these technologies are new.  There does seem to be some truth to, everything we get in Science and Technology, is already 50 years outdated.

You all know the Motto of American Historians and Scientists.: “Fuck the Truth and the Facts be Damned!”

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