Looting and Crime in the March 2011 Japanese Earthquake, and why the American Media tried to Hide it. (Seriously WTF!?) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

O.K., let’s just get straight to it.  There was looting, Burglaries, Rapes and all sorts of crimes in the aftermath of the March 2011 Japanese Earthquake.
Yep, you read that right. Those of you, who have known me for a while and have visited this site before, you know I never click bait…don’t have too, so you already know, what the title says, is what you will see.  So if you don’t want to see the truth, it’s best you leave now and you get to keep those outdated rose-colored glasses, you came here with. LOL
I remember seeing the news at work about the earthquake because the attention was focused on the Nuclear power plants and the possible meltdown.
What came out after American “journalists” were able to go in and document the devastation for us here in the U.S., was that the people in Japan, even after experiencing a 9.0 that would cause nearly 16,000 deaths and untold destruction, the people remained “stoic.” When the pictures and video from the press and media poured out showing the Japanese people lined up surrounded by devastation, waiting for gas, food, medical supplies, etc.  It was a sight to behold and was called an” example for the world.”    The only problem was/is

It was and has always been a lie.

Anyone with a desire for the truth would have found that out. Humans will be humans no matter what side of the tracks or part of the world they are from, and that is a fact.
On the website “Japan Today” for English speaking people, many of the crimes were documented. LOL  Yes, written in English.  So for American “journalist,” to publish, “No Looting in Japan,” is/was not only a blatant lie, but it was also very irresponsible.  Why irresponsible?… Because there were many rapes against women and children along with monetary crimes.
If the truth had come to light, how many women and children could have been saved had attention been brought forth and to the eyes of the world?   All the American female “journalists,” who Published, Printed and Pushed on Social Media, this is on You, because again, you could have made a difference. Whatever agenda you had in lying about all of this, only you know.
Was it to make black people look bad/worse?  Did you jump on the “No looting” bandwagon and found out the truth too late?  Where was all the Feminist Unity?

“Miki” tells her story of starting at age 7, she began to be sexually abused by her father, as her mother looked the other way. As she grew up, she started a life of prostitution and even had sex with her uncle for money and began dating other men (usually older) who abused her, as she felt this is who and what she was meant to be, a sexual object. She sought professional help as she got older.

She later married a man who was also a psychologist, who helped her cope with her past. She now speaks out for women like her and especially those voices that are hidden in disaster areas, like in the March 11, 2011 Earthquake. 

This whole article needs to be translated into several languages. It can’t be English though, as that would show the American Media was not only biased, but helped to enable those crimes by not reporting the truth, and that would include all-female journalists who reported on this disaster, especially the ones who shout “#METOO!”




“According to project representatives, numerous cases of rapes, sexual assaults and groping that targeted women and children, were reported after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995. ”  WOW!!  Does “STOIC.” mean “Fucked Up” too? That word must have a dual meaning in Japanese and English.


That’s right, the Japanese have Vending machines that sell dirty underwear allegedly worn by young women.

I’m far from being a prude, and I’ve had my share of sexual encounters, but I have never sniffed any dirty drawers, let alone paying money to sniff them. LOL What…the…Hell?


That article about the App was pretty “Stoic.”

Seriously, all of this is going on daily in “normal,” Japanese Society.  So, just imagine what happens when the lights go out…or say some, ohhh…  Some natural disaster happens, where the police are overburdened and short-handed. All Japanese men will be really Stoic.”



That is insane!!  Robbing and Looting Houses in an evacuated and abandoned area of a damaged Nuclear Power Plant. LOL


                                               Stealing Objects that were meant to Honor the Memory of Dead Children.

                                                              As I said before, that word “Stoic,” has to have a dual meaning.


If any of you are Gamers, you’ll get these next photos. LOL

Show the photo to a Gamer, they’ll give you the reference LOL




“Japan earthquake: organized crime gangs preying on victims”


“Japan bank robbed after the tsunami
Police say the earthquake and tsunami that pulverized coastal Japan crippled a bank’s security mechanisms, and left a safe wide open. That allowed someone to walk off with 40 million yen (US$500,000)”







Actual Video of a 7-11 Convience store that was broken into and an ATM opened up like a can of Sardines. LOL

Notice the cracked open ATM on the floor behind him. I had to mention that in case there was, “It’s a store, people needed food and water, blah, blah, blah, blah…” And they got his safe too.


Next Story is about the Store owner above.


So many stolen Donation Boxes, that there were too many thefts to count. LOL

They actually defiled some Seven-Eleven Stores…You Monsters!   I’ll never drink another Slurpee without thinking of this.


So, on the 16th of March 2011, this 64-year-old Japanese Executive is waiting to get gas along with 200 other people. It’s been over 2 hours and he gets tired of waiting in line and just snaps. Now the 39-year-old man who was threatened may have cut in front of the Executive. Seriously, the old man did what any Red Blooded American would have done…he pulled out his knife. Well, we would have pulled out a gun, but that’s neither here nor there. LOL


It has been so bad in the affected areas, and because the police are shorthanded, the citizens had to form Vigilantes Groups to keep order in their Neighborhoods. In the case mentioned above, one of the Vigilante Groups caught a Thief (Looter) trying to Rob(Loot) ones of the Vacant Houses…
While Patrolling they saw a car parked in front of one of the abandoned houses and as the Thief(Looter) was confronted by the Patrol…”Hey, what are you doing here?” The group asked, but the Crook(Looter) tried to escape but was surrounded by 5 of the 40 Vigilantes.
The Looter started swinging a pipe at those who surrounded him, but each of the 5 Vigilantes who surrounded the Looter had iron pipes of their own and beat the Looter to the ground and even after he was down, they continued to kick and beat him.
The leader of the Vigilante group wanted to use the Looter’s Beaten Corpse to send a message to all Looters.

That story was truly “Stoic.” [Wipes tears away.]



This is what I can’t understand…How do you risk your life to loot places near a leaking Nuclear Power Plant?!  Then 10-15 years later, when all the motherfuckers are sick, they’ll blame the Japanese Government.



The Japanese version of the American Program “Cops.”

The Japanese Police are on the lookout for Looters and Crime, in the Post Earthquake Areas.

“Crimes and problems related to the Great East Japan Earthquake”



Just use the search function…”Crime Earthquake 2011,” “Tsunami Crime 2011” etc.


There’s plenty more, but as usual, it’s bedtime and since I’ve wasted my whole day off uploading this bullshit, that should have been done 9 years ago so, someones gotta pay for my wasted time today.


So, Mrs. Sawyer makes 22 Million Dollars a year and I just did her job. Where’s my goddamn cut!? Hey I’m not greedy, I’ll take 1%… I wont hold my breath though.


Be sure when you watch these videos below to read the comment section.

CNN: “Why is there no Looting in Japan?”


Then all this bullshit about Japanese culture in History… Really?!  So no one has seen the Photos of the Brutality of what the Japanese did to the Chinese, Koreans Philipinos and other Asian groups in WWII?!    Not to mention making slaves out of captured American Soldiers! The Nazis never came close to Japanese Brutality.
Ill “fix” this soon too and I’ll start with the Black Dragon Society and its quest for World Domination and the subjugation and enslavement of all Asian people, not Japanese. With some really “cool” photos, you’ll just love
The Japanese like their crimes in WWII and this Earthquake Crime Scandal, love to hide who they really are to the world, as they are one people. Here in the States, we have no problem airing the dirty laundry of other peoples-groups we don’t like.
“Honest!?” The crimes that I found are being blamed on Korean and Chinese foreign workers, but that has been debunked as well.

“80% believed fake rumors of crime by foreigners in Japan after quake poll”

“Miyagi Prefectural Police statistics show that of the 3,899 people that police exposed in connection with criminal offenses in the prefecture in 2011, the year of the Great East Japan Earthquake, a total of 57 (1.5 percent), were foreigners either visiting or residing permanently in Japan. The figure dropped to 53 (1.3 percent) in 2012, and rose to 67 (1.9 percent) in 2013 — indicating there was not a great deal of variation”



Is this “Journalist Zero?” The One who started it all?



Well…How about that…Hmmm?



I just cannot believe, people are still posting this Bullshit. LOL


Yeah, in Japan, that didn’t happen. [Rolls Eyes] SMH


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