Am I Anti-Semitic? – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I’ve been getting a lot of private messages asking me if I’m Antisemitic or Racist. The answer is no to both of those questions.

“Then why is there stuff about Hitler on your site, that seems to glorify Hitler and the Third Reich?” The question has been asked.

I’m going to tell everyone how this all started.  I’m interested in Hermetics and Ancient Sciences. This is my only passion. (Video Games Second) I was interested in this information before there was an Internet, Cable TV and there were only 3 TV Stations. LOL… I thought Pong was so cool…LOL

That’s how far my studies (And Gaming) go back.  My only interest in Hitler and the Third Reich was their involvement in the Occult and Hermetic Sciences.  I have always shopped in old books stores (not many left now) for my books and periodicals for my information. Even in my schooling in and past high school, there was only the Library and Microfiche for your Research.

Over the years I’ve managed to bring into my possession some of the most sought after Occult Books and Artifacts, things I never thought I’d own and things I thought I’d never be able to learn. I started doing videos on YouTube with no problem, other than not having the time to post videos regularly, because of my full-time-Plus job.

During the course of finding material on the occult and as I said, I looked for material about Hitler and the Occult as well. In the course of finding information on Nazis and the occult, I found information on WWII that all Historians claim as fact, but early editions of Newspapers and Magazines from that period tell an entirely different story. How the war started, who started it, why it started etc. etc.

I love science as well, so when I read about all the Nazi Technology, I just couldn’t believe it. One of the things that stood out was the Nazi Space Program, in the fact that there was one. So it was surprising that American Scientists and Historians denied that it ever existed.  I mean I found out by accident at least a dozen articles on the Nazi Space Program, did research and found more, yet American Historians and Scientists say it was/is a “Conspiracy Theory.”

Again to me, why the Historians lied, I didn’t really care one way or another, as I said before, my interest with the Nazis was the Occult.

(I did care what I found about Palestine though…pretty dirty)

Long story short, I put a short video up about the Nazi Space Program on my channel, as I thought, “Hey Look what I found!” and it was immediately taken down with this…

O yeah, I did sorta find out that Hitler and German Scientists did have the Atomic Bomb before us. LOL

There was no..”You have Violated YouTube terms…” No…there was nothing…LOL, it was just taken down. LOL

There was nothing Anti-Semitic or hate-filled in it, it was just the truth…with proof, places, dates, etc.

Youtube-Google can do anything they want, it’s their property and I had no problem with that… until I got this Bullshit.

I received that and I just stared at the screen, because without a doubt I knew this was a personal message to me. It was personal…The “YouTube Community” and the Moderator(s) were telling me, I would never have a career on YouTube and I would never make any money unless I got on my knees and forget about what I found, and that they were watching. I was enraged so much that I thought my heart would burst as it was beating so fast. That’s how angry I was.  Them taking the content down, I was cool with that. Calling me a “Scam Artist” that was a no-no.

I wanted to make enough each month to work from home and study my passion(Hermetics and the old science) as a lot of people are doing now with the content they love.  I checked and a lot of people were/are still putting up the same material I did (Old movies and TV series, most of which are still up in 2019) so I figured because of my “transgression” about telling the truth about the Nazi Space Program and Science, I was a target….either from the “Community” or the YouTube moderators themselves….because whatever I put up, someone was there to flag it within days…Their Mistake…

Their mistake was thinking that I was some Clown or Buffoon who would fold and conform when threatened with Monetary Sanctions…LOL

I come from a past generation where having a job and working hard was a good thing, the other thing about my generation is we don’t whine and cry about being bullied….we get even. I’m not a politician or someone who is wealthy, LOL I’m poor as Fuck.  I’ve got nothing to lose. You already made sure of that, but my knowledge is vast and unmatched by any “Shill” you support or would try to debunk me.

Looking at my content, I think you know that by now. 🙂

So everything you see here about Hitler is just to say “Fuck You!”  I pay the Fucking Bills here, don’t tell me what I can and what I can’t do, just like I don’t go to Father Facebook and Mother YouTube and tell them what they can and can’t do.   Why complain daily about some company you deal with not being fair and yet still use the services daily…what the hell?!

I wanted to use Wix, it’s a great website builder, but it’s owned by Israel. I don’t care who it’s owned by, but most people don’t know is that, with these already prefab websites, you are just renting them, you don’t own them.  So if you step out of line, they can take your money, shut you down and say you violated their terms of service. With this “website,” (WordPress is Opensource) I have to maintain everything myself, learned a little bit of coding, web design, hosting, Photoshop, HTML, etc. and I’m still learning. It’s time-consuming and more expensive, but I do and say as I please.

I’ve lost a lot of money because of this BS, so to make myself feel better I’m going to post every Lie ever told about Adolf Hitler by our Historians and every Lie told by our Scientists about Science itself. You know the funny part is none of this was meant to be published, I gave most of it away to people who were interested in it…So the half I kept to sell…that’s the half you have already seen or will see posted here.

You Fucked with the wrong person in assuming I was a weak Nobody. Why do you think, there are no ads here? Why do you think I don’t have a prefab website? Why do you think I don’t have a donation button. I already know what would happen, which enraged me even more.

If you want to see an article taken down, then pay me for it…simple.  I’m getting satisfaction in one of two ways. Posting knowing it Pisses you off or you pay me to take down the content. I don’t care which one, but either way I will get Satisfaction. Know and understand this… You Challenged me and I Accept.

Can’t wait to post about how the Germans and Russians discovered how to manipulate time nearly 80 years ago, and that Tesla was right and Einstein wrong.

The Nazis were first in Space, is pretty cool as well.

Why American Historians and Scientists Lie about how the pyramids were built, is pretty tantalizing too.

There was an idea about making a “Space Force,” before President Trump mentioned it.

There’s just so much to post. 🙂

So no, I’m not Racist or an Anti-Semite…I’m just Pissed!


♪♪ There are no Strings on Me!! ♪♪ LOL

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October 8, 2019 5:40 am

Brother, i feel sad for what happened i am following your youtube channel, You have helped me a lot in understanding about hermatics. Dont lose your Hope as you know when any entity such as google prohibits the freewill of a person, End of their times are near. I just want to give you the alternative of youtube which is decentralized. – Please read below the post so you can understand Also brother please do some research on cryptocurrency it is new way of exchanging the money. You can set up Bitcoin, Etherium vallet were you can use… Read more »

March 12, 2020 6:40 am
Reply to  faustia

Good Luck Brother, let me know if you need any Tech help. I am always there for you.

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