Hitler and the Nazis Defend Black Americans because of their Brutal Treatment in the United States. (1938) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

It has come to Light and out of the Darkness in the past few years, that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were not the racist assholes, the controlled press and media have made them out to be.

The Third Reich was not racist, but against Multiculturalism, wiping out another Culture for the sake of your own. Hitler wanted each and every race to be proud of who they were and their achievements and to respect each other’s cultural differences without trying to push them on the other.

The “Racist Nazis” were created here, in the United States in the media and press. This is where we get the Nazis that we know today.

This Post (coming soon) will focus on the real views of Hitler and the Nazis toward Black Americans.

The biggest problem Hitler actually had with Black Americans is, they accepted(For the most part) the Brutality and Enslavement from other Nations without a Fight.

I even read it myself, Hitler said…”You will not treat the German like you treat the Negro.”

Translation: You will not rob, steal and treat the Germans as less than, and expect us to lay back and take it.

No, I’m not saying there wasn’t discrimination against blacks in Nazi Germany, no more than there was in Britain or France, it just wasn’t wholesale like it was in the United States.

One of the many photos that were suppressed, to keep the world from seeing the Truth.

The black man who met the Nazi Leader and had a pretty Blunt Conversation.

“Allegedly,” because they weren’t sure if it was the guy or not, who threatened a white woman with a penknife, in front of her children…so the story goes.

Hell, even in Nazi Germany, you couldn’t just go around, grabbing people off the street and just hanging/murdering them, because you felt like it.

I wonder how that kid turned out as an adult?

“Seized him from the custody of the Sheriff’s Deputies.”

Translation: The Sheriff’s Deputies left the cell door open, left the victim in handcuffs and went to get their masks too.

You all know by now, the motto of American Historians and Scientists.: “Fuck the Truth and the Facts be Damned.”


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