The Escape of Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Hitler and why American Historians and Scientists must lie about it. – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Rather than go through some old song and dance, I’m just going to get straight to the point. Hitler did not commit suicide in his bunker in Berlin, April 30 at 3:30 pm 1945.

Fact: There is no concrete proof held by any historian or scientist on the planet, that confirms the death of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

There are strict laws in Europe and other countries about telling the truth about the who, what, when, where and why of WW II, but here in the U.S., we are supposed to be without fear in expressing our opinions and showing the truth for what it is.   Is it the Incompetence of American Historians and Scientists?  Honestly, it’s because they fear the same backlash as the Europeans.

So to American Historians and Scientists, my advice is this… Going forth…June 2019 and beyond…When you write/talk about WWII and Hitler’s supposed death, do it in an academic sense. Leave out your bullshit jokes and jabs at those who know or search for the real truth. You do this to make yourselves feel good knowing you are frauds.

It’s not our fault that you live in fear and that your degrees are nothing more than academic chains that keep you bound in mental slavery. Hey, I understand, the kids are in college, you got the mortgage…your career, so I know, you can’t step out of line.  So…you need to shut the fuck up. No more calling anyone “conspiracy theorists,” because, from my point of view, it’s not us…it’s you.  I’ll be watching and next time, I won’t be nice about it.

You said there was no Nazi Space Program and that was a lie.

You said that Germany was incapable of making an Atomic Bomb and that was a lie.

You said that Germany had no working Flying Saucers and that was a lie.

Here we are yet again with you saying that there is Forensic proof that Hitler and Eva committed suicide in 1945.

This first article is from Readers Digest, November/December 1944, and it shows that the Nazis were already planning for their escape in case they lost the war.

This next article if it was by itself, I’m not sure if I would have used it. It tells of a similar story, but another plan hatched in case of defeat and set in motion by Hitler himself.  I read this some years ago and thought it was just a fake filler for this Men’s Magazine called “Adventure.”  It wasn’t until I found the above article and remembered I had the next one you’re about to read and that the two seem to be related.

Adventure Magazine 1965

I know that last article is going to send Trolls and Bullshit artists into a frenzy, so this next article is meant to control that. I know it’s going to be hard to believe, that a German or Germans or any other non-American or person of an enemy nation(5th Columnists) could be born and bred to blend in our society. I mean it will be hard for non-military people to believe.

Read what Corporal Gilbert Beamerderfer of the U.S. Army had to go through and tell me what’s impossible.  (It’s a serious story, but I found myself laughing several times, as it has its comical parts. LOL)

So, don’t come with, “that’s Impossible.” If one of our own guys can be mistaken for the enemy, then it’s possible for an enemy spy to blend in…Mom, Apple Pie, and Baseball, until it’s time to strike. Think about recent events…Not to mention under “Operation Paperclip” in 1945-46, we (USA) vetted 24,000 Nazi Scientists, Engineers, Physicists, etc. to work for us. So the plan you read above in 1944 has taken place. Just because you don’t believe in something, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

There’s just too much to upload in one day, so I’ll be uploading at least one-two articles a day until my material is exhausted as I need to comment as well.

Next Upload Monday, May 13, 2019: You’ll see one of the earliest accounts of Hitler’s alleged death in the press.


The earliest report on Hitler’s death seems to be April 24, 1945.

Bruckner – Symphony No.7 “Adagio” (Century’s recording : Wilhelm Furtwängler 1942)

Next Upload May 14, 2019

O.K., as you can see, it’s going to start to get a little crazy…LOL

Next Upload, May 15, 2019 (Almost put  1945 LOL)

This is one of the things I’ve noticed, looking at dozens and dozens of the original newspaper and magazine articles in my possession about Hitler’s health. It seems (as you’ll see) as the years progressed, the sicker writers made Hitler. It also depends on who you asked as well. There’s another article from this doctor (I think) that said Hitler was pretty much in great shape other than his busted eardrums from “Operation Valkyrie.”

It’s a long story for me to tell and I’ll have to do it in the future, but the Allies were trying to make Hitler look as sick and as feeble as possible, in order to control the German people better.  This is one of the reasons I wondered why, if Joseph Stalin had Hitler’s corpse, why wasn’t it paraded around? Stalin would have used Hitler as the greatest trophy in history. Stalin would have brought forth Hitler’s corpse and paraded it in front of the entire world. He would have said to the Germans, “Here is the would-be conquer!!, Here is your Fuehrer!!”

Stalin didn’t, because he never found Hitler’s body…Nor Eva’s

Next Upload, May 16, 2019

First, as I said before, Hitler was made “sicker,” by historians as the years progressed. I thinking he’s pretty much a broken, insane meth-head now.  You read it above yourself, in two different articles. Hitler was fine, he was healthy and even his blood pressure was normal for a man his age. Hitler was in “above average” health. Hitler was healthier then than I am now…LOL, Most articles or interviews are from Dr. Morell who under um…” guidance,” mention all the health and drug problems. Giesing told the truth.

LOL…LOL “Insane and half paralyzed.” LOL American historians should write for DC Comics, I’m sure they could give Marvel a run for their money…LOL  

I’m surprised American Historians and Scientists didn’t fit Hitler with robot eye, like “Cyborg”…LOL or in a floating chair like Professor X. LOL…OMG! 🙂

Hitler had to be made to look feeble-minded and insane as I said before, but this was mainly meant to shame the German people and say “This is the person who led you to this point in your miserable lives.”  This is one of the reasons for the “Anti-Semitic laws in Europe.  The Germans and people under the Reich refused to do it, they refused to denounce Hitler…only the officials trying to escape the hangman’s noose did for the most part.  I need to post everything that was done by the Allies to “reshape” the German mind after the war. Really interesting.

Hmmmm, the body that was found and identified as Hitler’s had died of poisoning…but…but I thought he shot himself? But…but, I thought Hitler’s body was burned by the people who were in the bunker with him? Russian flamethrowers?

Next Upload May 17, 2019,

You get to see one of the very first autopsies of “Hitler’s Corpse” and the very earliest X-ray of his skull. BOOM!

Had some commentary on all of this Today (5/17/2019) but got home late, so will comment tomorrow(5/18/2019)

But as you can see, according to the Russian autopsy, Hitler died of poisoning and there was no bullet hole found as was stated in later Russian documents…

Next Upload May 20, 2019

There are some very serious problems here.

1)History says that Hitler had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. We’ve read so far that, two of Hitler’s 3 doctors said that, he was not only fine in health, but his mental assessment was also normal as well.

2)Problem…The Russians who took Berlin and allegedly found the Hitler’s corpse performed an autopsy and said that Hitler died of cyanide poisoning. Jumping ahead a little, the official autopsy, published in 1968   “The Death of Adolf Hitler: Unknown Documents from Soviet Archives”

3) Keep in mind that, the only people who know what happened to Hitler and Eva, are the Russians who took Berlin and the Chancellery. The Allies didn’t all go into Berlin together, the Americans and England waited and let the Russians take Berlin.  People think we all went into Berlin singing songs and holding, the Russians took it. Only they know/knew what really happened to Hitler and Eva and all of their stories have been under scrutiny.  Keep in mind as well, the Americans and England didn’t enter Berlin until 6 weeks later…Really?!   All of the accounts that we Americans have about Hitler and Eva is from second-hand sources.

4) If all of the Russian autopsies say that it was Cyanide Poisoning that killed Hitler and that no other injuries to the body were found, that means the piece of skull, with the bullet hole in it, that is stored in Russian Archives, cannot possibly belong to Hitler.  BOOM!


The 1946 Xray of Hitler’s alleged skull, shows he had only 4 of his own teeth in his lower plate.

The 1946 X-Ray said Hitler’s lower plate, consisted of four of his own real teeth. The 1968 Autopsy, says the alleged Hitler Corpse had 15 bottom teeth and only 5 were his own real teeth and then in another part, it says the only 4 of the teeth in the lower plate were real.

How is it possible that the man who had to be the most wanted individual on the entire planet has/had mistakes in the Forensic evidence, that was meant to establish his identity?

Not to mention, the Russian autopsy said that the alleged Hitler corpse had only one testicle. The interviews with Hitler’s doctors never mentioned Hitler as having 1 testicle. It reminds me of a song I learned when I was a kid.

“Hitler had only 1 ball, Goering had two but very small, and poor Goebbels, he has no balls at all.” That was the version I learned as I’m sure there are others. Did the Russians believe that little song was true and sought to establish that they indeed did find the body of Hitler, by mentioning that he was missing a testicle?

French researchers prove Hitler is actually dead. (May 2018)

The French researchers were not allowed to analyze the Skull Fragment, only the teeth. (I wonder why?)

“Adolf Hitler suicide story questioned after tests reveal skull is a woman’s” (2009)


Next Upload May 21, 2019

September 1945 and the Allies are still looking for Adolf Hitler.

Eva shot herself through the heart?…. Really?

As I said before, no one, but no one knows what happened to Hitler outside the ones who escaped with him and Eva.  There are so many lies told on both sides.

The Russians are lying because they don’t want to be the ones who lost Hitler because they took Berlin.  If Hitler got away, it would be on them.

The Americans and British are lying because of all of the lives lost on both sides and now you have to tell your people…”Hitler escaped.”

The Germans who were in the know are lying because they wanted to protect Hitler. I’ve read through these articles and the German people, beaten, starved, raped, humiliated and lied upon, still would not denounce Hitler. Finally, laws had to be passed to make sure Hitler was not seen in a good light. Imprisonment and or death would be dealt to anyone who violated those laws. This is why the stories told by those in the bunker about Hitler’s death, don’t match.

  Even the Forensics don’t match!

Seriously WTF?! Everybody is lying…LOL…on all sides.

Next Upload May 22, 2019

Told you, American Historians should write for DC Comics..LOL

“Argentina has assured other allied governments that, it would not harbor Axis war criminals.”

The Person(s) that owned these artifacts actually had the Magnifying Glass that belonged to Hitler.

Full Video, but no Audio

 Abandoned Nazi hideout discovered in Argentina

Next Upload May 23, 2019

Next Upload, Monday May 27, 2019

After 15 Years, the Russians finally show the world, Hitler’s corpse.(1960)

Translation Below

Yeah I know, I also thought Hitler’s corpse was supposed to have been burnt to a crisp when it was found.

I’ve had the above photo file for about 5 years and never knew what it said. I got to work with a woman from Russian and we became good friends. I’m not sure how the conversation came about, but I asked her if she could translate the photo and she agreed as she thought it was interesting. She brought in to work the next day a handwritten copy of what was written in the photo file. She showed it to me and I immediately recognized the words as I had the story in a magazine the same year that this photo press file came out. 1960-61)  The best part about all of this, she revealed something that I had heard, but could never prove. That “Hitler” in the photo, is not the purported Gustav Werler…Hitler’s double, as he was reported alive after the war. This person in the video may be an actor from a Russian Semi-Documentary about the capture of Berlin. The 1945 Version of “The Fall of Berlin.”

Still below is taken from the movie, “The fall of Berlin” (1945)

Stills  taken below are from the supposed finding of Hitler’s body in 1945


My Russian friend who translated this, she mentioned a movie called… They raised the Flag of Victory.”  I thought that the Hitler clip may have come from that, but I can’t find the movie as… Oh yeah, I can’t speak Russian. She translated it all for me, but there’s no way I can’t write down all of this now, it’s so late, I’m eating and going to bed.   Unlike American Historians and Scientists, I don’t have the luxury of sitting in an office or lab all day long just making up shit. Gotta get up early.

Below is the full story of how the alleged Hitler corpse was found. [Rolls Eyes]

Gustav Weler (Hitler’s Double)


The above video…No, the whole channel above was deleted for showing the video, you’re about to see below. I feel bad that this person’s whole channel was deleted. You all wonder why I speak the way I do, it’s because I’m dealing with some dirty Motherfuckers. During a fight, throw sand in your eyes, kick you in the balls, sucker punch you…

Gustav Weler (Hitler’s Double)




The 3 corpses of Adolf Hitler

The Russians produced the first Hitler corpse in 1960


The Russians produced the second Hitler corpse in 1963

There is no photo of this corpse, but a description is given.

This corpse according to the Russians, was only partially burned and still recognizable.



The Third Hitler corpse that was allegedly found by the Russians, was completely burned and unrecognizable. This corpse was shown to the world 1968

We’re left with two conclusions… 1) The Russians have been lying all these years or 2)Hitler was/is either a Vampire or a Zombie.

If you’ve read all the evidence above, you know that the piece of skull in Russian archives, cannot have possibly belonged to Hitler.  The official Russian autopsy says that Hitler’s body had only two major injuries. Fire and Cyanide… There were no other injuries attributed to death. (no gunshot wound) No bullet hole, no skull with a bullet hole.

The teeth that allegedly identified Hitler’s body… from which body were those teeth taken? Corpse one, two or three??

This next press photo file is from 1981. The picture wasn’t taken in November of 1945 but was found.

A professor of Oral Biology, Dr. Reidar F. Sognaess on viewing the teeth that were allegedly Eva Braun’s, concluded that the woman next to Hitler was not Eva Braun.                            He did, however, believe the teeth taken from the male corpse, did belong to Hitler.

Wait…’ historic evidence indicates that Hitler’s recognizable remains were actually uncovered at the end of May 1945 in a forest near Berlin.” (So, a fourth corpse?)                                                                                                      I’m going with Vampire.

They are referring to the Soviet autopsy published in 1968 (uploaded in this post earlier)

I have to ask again…How can so many scientists disagree on the forensic evidence of one man? A man who at one time was the most sought after individual in the history of the world?

Did the Russian Doctors indeed make a deliberate mistake in the autopsy, to tell the world, they didn’t have Hitler’s body? As was said, the report was signed by 5 experts and took 3 days to complete, so how could a mistake about the number of teeth have been made?

Remember, the teeth are what supposedly identified Hitler.

Next Upload Friday, June 14, 2019


To American Historians and Scientists…(Play Me)


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