The Spear of Destiny-from Gaius to Hitler (1974) Episode III – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

The Spear of Destiny-from Gaius to Hitler (1974) Episode III

The Story of Hitler and the Spear of Destiny is legendary when speaking about the Nazis and the Occult. I think only the Ark of the Covenant can compete in this topic, but more has been written about the spear owing to the fact that we can trace it’s history to the present. I’ve studied the occult and mysteries my entire life, even before I reached puberty and I have always found the esoteric studies of the Third Reich most interesting.

This post is a condensed version of Hitler and the Spear of Longinus, but very well put together. Some of what you will read may seem…fantasy,(And some of it may be) but the vast majority of it, I can believe, as I’ve read rare works on Hitler’s knowledge of the arts and his initiation in the old Lodges of Europe, his training and the skills he acquired as a result of that training.

Most of you from Europe will know most of this to be true, but we American’s, other than those of us who have studied this science have not had the truth of what really was behind the Nazi Hierarchy. Well, other than Movies/Comics like “Hell Boy,” “Indiana Jones,”  “Captain America” etc. We’re only 243 years old and most you in Europe and other countries have an esoteric part of history longer than that.  I even found the “Masters” who trained Hitler in the Sciences and found out his vegetarianism was to open himself up to mystic forces.  Take what you will from this article, whether you believe it or not it is an interesting piece.






As far as the Fourth Reich, there seems to be some truth to this as I have two documents, one from 1966 (I think) that I thought was fake and the other is from 1944. The one from 1944 is most interesting as the war was still raging, but U.S. Intelligence officers claimed to have found proof that the Nazis were preparing for the loss of the war and the most loyal of the Reich would go underground and lay the seeds for the Fourth Reich. There was even a German word for this… “Nach Niederlage” or the “Double N Plan.”  Meaning: “After Defeat”

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