Manly P. Hall’s Astrological Predictions for Hitler and Germany (1933) Episode 1 – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I began studying about Hitler and the Occult sometime in the ’70s, and it has always fascinated me. It wasn’t even starting with Hitler and the Nazis, but only with the occult itself and other books causally mentioning Hitler’s fascination with the “old sciences.”  Most modern books (if not nearly all of them) are pretty much worthless in understanding the Nazi Hierarchy and its metaphysical branches before, during and after the war. The reason for this is, as the New Age metaphysics are mostly lies and little truth for the sake of financial gain.

The only reason I can bring you these rare and interesting articles on this site is, I answer to no one, and I’m not doing it for financial gain because I love what I’m doing, so the work, it’s pretty easy. I don’t look to be right or wrong; I just want for the truth.


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