Hitler’s Jewish Astrologer (1939) Episode II – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Hitler’s Jewish Astrologer (1939) Episode II

The first thing I want to say about this article is that Hitler did not order Hanussen’s murder. Hitler loved power, no matter where it came from and he could have cared less if Hanussen was Jew or Gentile as long as Hanussen’s prophecies came true. Goering and Himmler were not going to play second fiddle to this soothsayer, in a Party they helped found, and it was between them, where the order came down to take out the famous Astrologer.

If you read my Post; “An Interview with Heinz Ling, Adolf Hitler’s Valet.


Even though Linge states that Hitler never believed in the Sciences. I think either Linge was lying for his former boss, or he was not privy to such things.


That story above, I thought was myth myself as I first heard something similar on the National Geographic Channel years ago. I guess this is what happens when you tell too many lies…Historians. I guess you finally got one right.


Why did Hitler ban all the Masonic and Occult Lodges?   If your entire career was based on the Occult Arts, your only enemies would be those who possess the same skill you do, and if they don’t share your same beliefs, then they are or someday will be your enemies. It’s the “either you’re with me or against me” attitude.  Some Lodges did stay open.  Think Franz Bardon’s “Frabato” and the F.O.G.C. Lodge.

There is also some truth in that, once Hitler grasped total victory, there would be established some sort of ‘Occult Bureau” in Berlin and sponsored by the state. Here the greatest secrets of Heaven and Earth would be studied. Not THEORIES, but PURE RESEARCH.

This information (Hitler’s Occult Practices) is still pretty much new to us here in the U.S. as nearly all of my books and information on the subject are from other countries. Yes, we may get the Astrology hook, but that’s where it usually begins and ends.

Our Neo-Nazis here in the States, have no clue to the true nature that was behind the Reich and Germany’s occult history before Hitler, which was already ancient.

Germany’s Baron von Reichenbach’s Odic Force was named after Odin.

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