An Interview with one of Hitler’s “Psychic Bodyguards.” (1965) Episode IV – Students of the Hermetic Sciences







If her husband Otto was “trembling” when Hitler came, I’m surprised he didn’t have a heart attack when he opened the door and saw Himmler and Heydrich. LOL

Below is a short clip on YouTube about the Baroness and it is allegedly from a documentary, “The Age of Psychics by Don Como ”  The Video was uploaded in 2016 and has between 50-60 views.  I’m not sure why the Baroness was really never made a household name in this field here in the States.

(Already Looking for it, but I think this documentary is from another documentary and the footage was reused.)

I wanted you to see the reason why I do my best to upload original publications.  In the Short clip, you will hear the Baroness give a few alterations to the story you’ve just read… Or maybe she told the truth and the media did a hatchet job on the final release, the same way that the person who uploaded this video did. SMH   I do agree with the Baroness, when she said, “I am not a Medium nor Psychic…”  Those words nowadays are synonymous with bullshit artists. Not all are, but most…Fact. I Hate them with a Passion.  I kept “Psychic” in the title as a lot of people may not be familiar with “Clairvoyant,” Clairsentient,” or “Clairaudient” etc.


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