American Scientists Confirmed in 2015 what Nazi Scientists told them in 1945 about Water on MARS – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

With the Third Reich going underground after its defeat, the Allies got the cream of the crop of Hitler’s Scientists.

If you saw my post on the Nazi Space Program, you would have seen that, after the Earth fell to Hitler’s Army, he had plans to build an Earth Orbiting Battle Station and Space Station, with Spaceships to conquer the very Planets in our Solar system and bring them under control of the Reich.

During the Nazi Scientists, many months of interrogation and thousands of tons of documents found, they told the American Military about their plans to Conquer Mars…and why.

It looks like the Nazis believed there is or was some form of Intelligent life on Mars as well.

Why are Scientists here in the U.S. telling the truth now?  India, the Russians, and China have their eyes on conquering space. The fact about water on Mars would have been found out by one of them sooner or later, and that would have made our Scientists here in the U.S. look Stupid as usual.

American Scientists were honest, not because they wanted to be, but because they had to be.

Nazi Space Program

Remember the Motto of American Historians and Scientists: FUCK THE TRUTH, and the FACTS be DAMNED.

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