January 2019 – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Month: January 2019

Chinese Child Teleporting Pills from a sealed Vial using her Superpowers.

Rare footage of a Chinese Child Teleporting Pills from a Sealed Vial. The Pills are counted and marked with the initials of one of the Scientists and then the top is sealed and then sealed again, by wrapping the top and sides with tape. A Chi-Gong Master, waves his hand over the body of the child, using a chi-gong raising energy technique. This technique allows the man to transfer some of his spiritual energy to the child which in turn, helps the child’s energy to increase, helping her to teleport the pills from the sealed Vial. A high-speed camera catches the pills frame by frame as they teleport from the Vial. The two teleported pills are pointed out by a Scientist. Later (Not shown in this video) The Vial is opened and the pills are counted against the ones that were teleported out.