The Nazi’s Tested the World’s First Atomic Bomb, on a Guinea Pig Village of Jewish and Russian Prisoners in 1944 – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

                                                Heisenberg tells Congress that the United States stole his “Atomic Bomb.” (1946)

Hitler’s Minister of Armaments Albert Speer is questioned by the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal about Germany’s Atomic Bomb Test. (1946)




Full Trial of that Day

For those who want to say that this question was of no significance, remember this… Many men and women who served under the Reich were put to death on testimony alone, with no evidence. So this question is of great significance.

All of the research that Mr. Karlsch had done and Published in 2005 was already known at the time nearly 60 years before, as you can see from my above-dated newspaper article from 1947.

Heisenberg’s Uranium Bomb taken by the United States (1948)


Albert Speer was lying to keep his head out of the noose.

Eva Braun’s Diary Published 1949 (My Copy)


The Diary of  Dr. Joseph Goebbels Published 1948 (My Copy) 

Dr. Felix Kersten, a Russian-born Finnish osteopath who tended to Heinrich Himmler in Germany during World War II. (My Copy 1947)

V-3’s with an Atomic Warhead is Planned

My Full Post on the German Atomic Bomb Project.

Remember the Motto of American Historians and Scientists:



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