America’s Atomic Bomb was Made in Nazi Germany. 1942-1945 – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

America’s Atomic Bomb was Made in Nazi Germany. 1942-1945

Wasn’t sure how to add a description here…So I’ll just be straightforward. America, we never invented the Atomic Bomb. Nazi Scientists helped us finish it after we brought them from Germany, just days before and after the war ended. This rounding up of the brightest minds in Nazi Germany was called Project “Overcast” and then later changed to “Paperclip.”

Even in our own Atomic Bomb Project, history says…”It was the best-kept secret,” when in fact several people were caught trying to sell what they knew to the Soviets and a Special Task-force was implemented by the U.S. Government to stop and catch these traitors! We had to kill thousands of German Scientists and destroy facility after facility to slow Nazi progress down, in their quest for an Atomic Bomb. Yet, they still beat us…

Albert Einstein is given credit for making known to President Roosevelt in 1938, the possibility of Nazi Germany creating an Atomic Bomb and urging the President to start a project here in the States. It seems though that England may be given the distinction of having the first Scientist(s) in the early 1900’s who gave serious thought to the possibility of using Atomic Weapons in warfare.

Thought I’d start off with a little-known fact here in the U.S., how Hitlers Atomic Bomb quest was first sabotaged. The first of many more to come actually. We here in the United States are told that Nazi Germany was incapable of creating an Atomic Device because the Germans didn’t know how. Even though the pinnacle of the major sciences in the entire world existed in Germany, even before Hitler took power in 1933( I believed that B.S. story, until I actually did some research) and all Hitler did, was rein in these scientists to one cause…to raise up The Fatherland.

This first story is so amazing, it’s like something out of James Bond Movie. Rather than give you excerpts, I just found one of the best-condensed versions. Reading from these old books and magazines is just superb. The authors can make you feel any emotion they’d like and as you read the words on the page, it’s almost as if you’re in the exact setting they’ve just given you.

                            Professor/Soldier Leif Tronstad

So to keep the LIE going on how we beat Germany in the Atomic Race, we deliberately refuse to give credit in our History books to men and women like this, who were the real reason Hitler’s Atomic Bomb was never used in time…Really?

So American Historians and Scientists would rather tell our kids that the Nazis were just dumb in one breath, and then explain how we had to bring thousands of them over after the war to work for us.

I mean Really!?  Tell me that’s not fucked up… Just when you think American Historians and Scientists couldn’t sink any lower.

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Operation Hydra

On August 17, 1943, The Peenemünde Research Facility was bombed by the Allies and of the 7000 Nazis Scientists that worked there, over 5000 Scientists were killed to slow down Hitler’s Quest for an Atomic Bomb. It also slowed Down the Nazi’s New Vengeance Weapons in the process. (1944 Article)

There is a huge problem here. I checked online about this raid and it seems that History says that, there were “12,000 people working at Peenemunde and  700 were killed.”

The article above says that there were 7000 German Scientists and 5000 were “killed,” but the number Killed put forth by Historians is decreased to 700? Why?   In War, if you kill civilians, women, and children, you are either barbaric or you’re afraid of something. I think the Allies were afraid of something.

The Historian that tells this Lie, is the same Historian that tells the media, the Nazis had no Space Program. (Michael Neufeld)

Peenemunde Raid number killed Lie: Michael Neufeld

Michael Neufeld Busted in another Lie about Nazi Germany, not having a Space Program.

Nazi Space Program Truth:

This guy works for the Smithsonian… Well, that explains a lot.

The question is, were those German Scientists fair game?  Were they considered Military or Civilian?

My guess is Civilian… if we have to lie about the number killed, then we’re ashamed of something. Having to kill Civilians to slow down Hitler’s Atomic Bomb and Vengeance Weapons.

Nazi Germany’s Scientists were just too smart for their own good.

Also, what type of Ordnance Exploded at Peenemunde, where the impact killed people 3 miles away?  WTF?

Killed people 3 miles away in the blast radius, but killed only 700 out of 12,000 at ground Zero…  Lies, Lies, Lies and more Lies

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Britain admits, Neils Bohr Stole Nazi Atomic Bomb Secrets, and Smuggled them out of Germany and also admits that Germany’s Atom Bomb Project was Sabotaged.  (Article: October 12, 1945)

And there you have it. So the German Atomic Bomb Project was Sabotaged.

Sabotaged vs the Nazis, not knowing how to do it, as stated in American History Books.

So according to American Historians, the Nazi Scientists didn’t know how to create an Atomic Bomb, so what Nazi Atomic Secrets did famed physicist Neils Bohr smuggle (Steal)out of Germany to Britain?  Yeah…

America worries the Nazis may have perfected an Atomic Weapon……and acts quickly. (1943 article)

Next article Nov. 2 (Time Magazine 1944)

Hitler’s Scientists sought to make a more Powerful Atomic Bomb, by studying the Density of  Sirius B, a White Dwarf  Star (What…The….Hell?)

Can you imagine what the German High Command said to the German Scientists?

“Ahhh, using the composition of a White Dwarf, German Science at its best, but… Dunkoffs, we want to win the war  not start the apocalypse!”  LOL

This is the 3rd time, I’ve seen the legendary V-3 associated with possibly having an Atomic War Head.

So according to American Historians and Scientists, the German’s couldn’t make an Atomic Bomb because they were too Dumb?   LOL

Let’s Murder Thousands of  Hitler’s Scientists, Blow up every Nazi Atomic Facility we find out about, and say the German’s didn’t know how to make an Atomic Bomb.   LOL…LOL

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The United States Military admits Hitler was going to strike the U.S. with Atomic Weapons by January of 1945.  This is what pushed the Invasion of Germany in June of 1944 and the Hunt for Adolf Hitler and his Scientists. (The ones we didn’t kill.) (Newsweek 1945)


Again this is why I have so much respect for the Military, they have to look at all the Intelligence Reports and Anything reported about an upper hand the enemy may have. It may mean Life or Death, not just to your soldiers, but to your Nation as well.

American Historians and Scientists, (non Military) their biggest worry is if they want to get out of bed in the morning.

Remember the Motto of American Historians and Scientists:  Fuck the Truth and the Facts be Damned.

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In the Diary of  Dr. Goebbels, (Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda) published in 1948, Goebbels admits “German Science has come to a point that Atomic Weapons can be used in the war.” (1942 Diary Entry)

First Entry March 21, 1942  (My Copy, Original from 1948)

I printed the first page of the entry leading up to the atom bomb information. So you know that nothing is taken out of context or misleading…

Who am I an American Historian or Scientist? LOL

Believe it or not, people fought tooth and nail, to keep these diaries from being published. There are other versions of these Diaries but are utter Bullshit. Those are the sanctioned versions.

The other funny part is, I read an article that said, Dr. Goebbels was boasting to himself in his own private Diary.  This was in reference to his Atom entry.   Seriously Historians…LOL

Well, if that’s the case, I remembered I have a copy of  Eva Braun’s Diary. (Need to look for it to post the original)

I remembered reading this… I have the Diary,(1949)  and it was published one year after the Goebbels Diary, and Eva Braun Hitler made an Entry about  German Atomic Science progress.     So what was Eva, just a dumb blonde who wanted to be important in her private Diary?

Scroll through the articles above and you’ll see a consistent date…1942!

I just need to find it and post the full Entry.

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In 1945 after the war, a Famous Jewish Physicist says that Adolf Hitler asked her to help on the German Atomic Bomb. She told Hitler ‘No” and came to the U.S. to help us with our Atomic Project.

“Dr. Meitner was a Jewess. Hitler had overruled his own Nuremberg anti-Semitic laws in order to try to compel her to stay in Germany.”

Yank Magazine September 7, 1945

So Hitler the “Monster,” Hitler the Murderer,” Hitler the “Jew Hater,” asked a Jewish woman to stay in Germany and help with the country’s Atomic Research.  She left Germany on her own?….. but where was the Gestapo or Hitler’s SS Men?  She told the German Fuhrer ‘no,” surely the Hitler I’ve been taught about would have done something to “convince” her to stay?

I checked online about Dr. Meitner and this story. The only thing that kept coming up was, she fled Germany because of Hitler’s racist ideas.  Still lies and more lies.   I told you, to understand about Germany from 1933-1945, you need a person who is not biased in any way, shape or form.

You also need original documentation to remove all doubt about the authenticity of the information (No internet, and books no later than the early 1960s with very few exceptions.)

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Werner Heisenberg tells Congress, that the United States Military confiscated Hitler’s Plutonium.

There’s just so many problems with this story, but the main one is, American Historians say that Nazi Scientists couldn’t figure it out. LOL…The center of Technology, Physics and nearly every major Science on the planet, was in Germany even before Hitler, but the German’s couldn’t figure it out?!

The second one, according to Dumb Ass American Historians, Heisenberg deliberately sabotaged Hitlers Atomic program.  Well, you’ve read above what Heisenberg told Congress, he was building a device to, “create energy for machines.”   I think he was trying to save his own neck or was paid to leave out certain things…

So…someone is Lying, can you all guess who it is?

Hell, the Russians didn’t offer American Scientists Jobs and positions, it was the United States that got the German’s Under ‘Operation Paperclip.”

We brought thousands of Germans to work for us (United States) and put them in charge of nearly all of our Science and Technology Departments and some new ones that had to be created(The Guys we were just fighting were now department heads)…but the Germans couldn’t make an Atomic Bomb?  Who the Hell fought to work with American Scientists? LOL

So, was Hitler’s Plutonium used to create the “Fat Man, that destroyed Nagasaki and the bomb that was tested in New Mexico on July 16, 1945?   There were a  lot of Germans brought here in May and June of 1945…

Heisenberg’s Atomic Core for Energy or was it a Plutonium Bomb meant for a V-3 warhead.

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The United States takes Hitler’s “Uranium Oxide of the Purest Form,” from Uboat U-234, that was headed for Japan. (Hiroshima?)



A rare photo of  Japanese Atomic Technology being thrown overboard into the sea by the United States Military.

“…Uranium Oxide of the Highest Degree of Purity.”

“Little Boy?”  The Hiroshima bomb, is this where the U.S. got the Uranium?  Stolen from the cargo sent by Hitler to Japan on  U-234?

Heisenberg testified before Congress that the U.S. Military took Hitler’s Plutonium. “Fat Man?” The Nagasaki Bomb?

24,000 Nazi Scientists vetted during the War and after and only a handful were worthless?   [Shaking my Head]

As I said before, this is why I love and respect the men and women of the U.S. Military.  They have to see the truth, because it may mean life or death.   American Historians and Scientists lie to themselves, each other and us because…meh, their biggest problem is who’ll pay them the most for lying.

Next Article December 14.

‘The Creeps”

One of the biggest lies our Historians tell is, our Atomic Bomb project was the best-kept secret…LOL

Truth be told, our Scientists were trying to sell the secrets to the highest bidder(during the war)…in most cases, it was to the Russians.  The U.S. Government had to form a task force called,  “The Creeps” to handle these traitorous, greedy fuckers.

So another Bullshit American Historian Lie…..Debunked.

I checked to see if I could find information on “The Creeps” on the internet and found nothing substantial.  American Historians are Creeps in the new meaning of the word.

Next Article-December 21

“The Nazi’s tested a Tactical Atomic Device on a Village of Jews and Russian Prisoners in 1944” (1947 Article)

“The spotlight turns to Diebner- Physics World (2005)

RK’s book Hitlers Bombe draws upon what was already known about the German wartime work on nuclear reactors and isotope separation and uses documents from Russian archives, oral history, and industrial archaeology to open up a new chapter in the history of German nuclear weapons. For most of the war, there were two competing groups working on nuclear reactors: a team under the Army physicist Kurt Diebner in Gottow near Berlin; and scientists directed by Werner Heisenberg in Leipzig and Berlin.”


So, the Russians told the Truth!

All of the research that Mr. Karlsch had done and Published in 2005 was already known at the time nearly 60 years before, as you can see from my above-dated newspaper article from 1947.

The Nuremberg Trials 1946 Albert Speer answers questions about the German Atomic Bomb Test.

Full Trial of that Day

For those who want to say that this question was of no significance, remember this… Many men and women who served under the Reich were put to death on testimony alone, with no evidence. So this question is of great significance.

The problem here is, Speer was lying to save his own neck.

Eva Braun’s Diary Published 1949 (My Copy)

 Remember the Motto of American Historians and Scientists:


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