The Nazi Technology that Helped Rebuild America and Reshape the World. (1947) Part 2 – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

Seeing all the recent headlines here in the States about alleged Ex Nazis being found and then deported, made me realize something.  These alleged Nazis…


“Alleged Minnesota Nazi: Could 94-year-old US citizen be deported?” (June 2013)


“Trial of man deported from US to Germany for Nazi war crimes to begin
Retired factory worker John Demjanjuk, 89, accused of being guard at Nazi death camp.” (2009)…/nazi-crime-demjanjuk-trial-begins


“U.S. Widow Deported over Nazi Past.”(2006)


“A former Nazi labor camp guard has been deported to Germany after living decades in New York.” (2018)–491334971.html


The only mistake these individuals and those like them have made is that they were not Nazi Scientists.  If that was the case they would have been treated like the ones you’re going to read about below.


Being an American, if there is anyone who should be put on trial, it’s American Scientists (non Military) for being Assholes then and Assholes now. Everything these Germans did, our Scientist said was impossible or useless. If our Scientists had focused on pure science, instead of that theoretical bullshit, we wouldn’t have needed these Nazis, now would we?    Our Military made the right choice in bringing these individuals over here.  Better here than Soviet Russia…



The first Atom bomb was built by Germany as well… In 1945 American Scientists couldn’t split apples in half by themselves let alone Atoms. (Proof Coming Soon)

If you’re an American, this article (like the first one) should piss you the fuck off.

This should Piss Germans off too as it shows, the only bad Nazis were the ones we found no use for.






Hail Hydra!!

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