Hitler found out Catholic Priests and Monks were molesting kids and cracks down on the Church. (1941) – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

The Catholic Church Supported Hitler Wholly and without the Catholic vote, Hitler would have never Won in 1933.  There have always been rumors of not only the Vatican supporting Hitler, but Churches here in the U.S. as well. These are not rumors, but truths that have been hidden from mainstream History. (No Surprise there)

The Church never really supported Hitler per se because it believed in Hitler’s policies, the Catholic Church and the Christian Churches here in the States, saw Hitler as the soon to be Master of Europe. All rulers need some sort of “spiritual guidance” and this is where the churches would come in.   This whole Hitler thing, in a nutshell, is everyone thought Hitler would be a Puppet after he was elected and do what he was told. Hitler got the support of the churches (who controlled the people) and the industrialists. (who controlled the money)   Hitler got elected and pretty much told all of them to go fuck themselves…LOL   This is when Hitler the monster began to appear in Newspapers.

Remember, when the Churches supported Hitler, they ALL knew of his beliefs. It wasn’t like here in the States where we hide behind Jesus and God in all of our conquests.  Hitler told you blatantly, the Aryans should rule, if no other races are to stand up and Zionists are the enemy…Yet the Catholic and Christian Churches still gave him their support, because they all saw more money, power, and a larger flock in Europe.

Did Hitler break the 1933 Concordat between Nazi Germany and the Catholic Church because he found out Catholic priests were molesting Kids…or was it because he didn’t want the Pope or any future Popes usurping his Power?    I think it was both.

Remember he and Stalin grew up Catholics as well as most of the Nazi Hierarchy, so it’s no telling what these men and women saw as they were growing up within the power of the church.   I have friends from Asian and Latin countries that have told me the same thing and the sad part is some made jokes or talked about it as it were a way of life in the church… The one running joke was, that all the priests are naked under those robes…LOL

Most of these countries were conquered by men with their cocks in one hand and a Bible in the other.

The article you’re about to read was written in 1941 and is an original copy in my possession.

The Author, Joseph McCabe was a one time Roman Catholic Priest (Some literature says Monk ), but later on in life became an Atheist because some of the things he saw in the church he didn’t agree or was disgusted with.  (I’m not sure who McCabe hated more, Hitler or the Church for helping Hitler)

Every piece of corruption McCabe found in the church,  he would print it with facts to back up his accusations.  The funny thing about this article and looking at world events today in 2019, no one can call it a lie



So let me get this straight…Adolf Hitler and the Nazis had the guts to do, what we here in the United States wouldn’t do for another 50-60 years? SMH

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September 9, 2018 4:43 pm

Why was pedophilia rampant in Churches? Churches was not the only places plagued by this epidemic, few years back i had even read where few lodges of Theosophical society faced similar problems and few other organisations which were supposed to be dedicated for religion and spirituality. How could they even do things like this in the name of service to God?

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