The Nazi Technology that Helped Rebuild America and Reshape the World. (1946) Part 1 – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

What were our Scientists here in the U.S. doing from 1933-1945?   Seriously…

Please don’t say the Atomic Bomb, I have several articles that mention Germany was in possession of an A-Bomb before the War ended. (And even tested one)

No one thinks it’s suspicious that we (U.S.) didn’t test our first A-Bomb until after the War ended and not until after we captured thousands(24,000 were vetted) of Nazi Scientists and brought them here? Only then did we test our first bomb in July of 1945 in New Mexico.

The one thing I’ve realized about the so-called “Superior Intelligence,” of  Nazi Germany’s Scientists after reading hundreds of articles from WWII, is that American Scientists were no less Intelligent.  The Problem I’ve come to realize as fact is this…            The Germans studied Science for the sake of  Pure Science, to Advance their Civilization and Research itself. I’ve read it several times in these old articles…”We did it for the Fatherland.”

American Scientists have always done(And still do) things for Money and or Fame, nothing more nothing less.   The problem with this is, you have to lie, cheat, be biased and work for those who give you the most money, even if it means bringing the  Advancement of Science in this country to a slow crawl if your benefactors wish it so. (They Do)

A guy like Hitler comes along and you’re Fucked.

We had to bring to this country(Operation Overcast-1945/Operation Paperclip-1946) individuals who were called, “Murderers,” “Criminals,” “Threats to Civilization,” Monsters,” Gangsters,” Villains,” “Evil,” “Thugs” and “Emissaries of Satan.”

Yet the U.S.  Military chose these Scientists over our own.  This is why I have so much respect for all branches of the U.S. Military, they publicly admitted Hitlers Scientists caught them by surprise and they swore it would never happen again.

Keep this in mind, in 1945 when the Allies found Nazis plans to build a Space Station, American Scientists laughed… So now to save face, we have to lie for these Peacockin Fools and we’re the conspiracy theorists?

American Scientists (Non-Military) are the same Assholes they were 85 years ago.

Enjoy this article… and more that will come.

Remember the Motto of American Scientists and Historians: “Fuck the Truth and the Facts be Damned.”

Hail Hydra!

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