An Interview with Heinz Linge, Adolf Hitler’s Valet, 1955 – Students of the Hermetic Sciences

I believe I bought these sets of articles about 10 years ago but never got a chance to read them. The articles were entitled, “The Private Life of Adolf Hitler.” The full interview was broken up into, I believe 52? weekly newspaper articles. (I think I remember seeing 52 when I first got them from the bookstore) The person that collected these, must have found them interesting to have collected all of these. I only have half of the articles, so not sure how many there really were. The interview was done in 1955 after Linge was released from a Russian Prison. So he served about 10 years and yet, all of the smart Nazi’s, and Scientists who committed genuine crimes got great jobs with all of the allies, but mainly here in the United States. Linge who just laid out Hitler’s underwear gets 10 years?…. Really?

I’ll Post one article every week as the original publishers did. There should be about 6 months of these. I’m missing part 1, so this Interview begins at part 2.

Next Article, June 9th, 2018

The Private Life of Adolf  Hitler Part  Three: By Heinz Linge

Part Four will be Uploaded June 15, 2018

Part 5 will be uploaded June 22

I believe that this part is a lie. It is a fact that Adolf Hitler did indeed escape the bunker and did not commit suicide as History states and as Mr. Linge states. History lies because the Victor writes the History. Mr. Linge is lying because I believe he was coerced by the Russians for leniency on his prison sentence.

I have several interviews of those who were in the Bunker with Hitler( While they were alive)and for some strange reason, none of the stories match, especially how Hitler was supposed to have died. One says He didn’t shoot himself but was poisoned, one says he shot himself through the mouth, one says he shot himself in the temple… Were these people in the same Bunker?   I have also Hitler’s X-Rays from 1946 not matching with the X-rays of spoken of in the Russian autopsy and the list goes on and on. The only evidence the Historians have about Hitler’s death is supposed eyewitness accounts.


Article 6, will be posted on June 29

Part 6 s missing, so I uploaded part 7 & 8

There are several problems with this part of the story:

1.) I thought it was around this time that Hitler was pretty much insane, had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel…(According to the Historians)

2.) There is a huge possibility that Hitler and Eva were married already by 1940. The reason for me believing this is, I have several old articles mentioning Hitler and Eva as man and wife between 1940-1942. I thought it may have been a mistake, but I saw at least 3 different articles in the early 40’s stating this. (Non-Tabloids) I still dismissed it…(Still Brainwashed) Then in 1945(After the War) I saw an article saying at the Munich Flat in Prinzregent-starsse,(mentioned in the above article) a neighbor said she not only knew, Hitler had proposed to Eva making her his Fiance and not his Mistress, but this woman also mentions a list of the engagement gifts that Hitler and Eva gave each other.(Eva gave silk underwear to Hitler…LOL) Years later, I actually found one of those engagement gifts the historians claimed was a myth…a nice rare color photo.

I have in my possession everything I just mentioned and I believe that Hitler proposed sometime between 1938-1939 and they were married by 1940 and had two children a boy and a girl, 4 and 5 in 1945. (Also in my possession) The marriage and death were made up by the Russians to appease the  Allies.  After all, it was the Russians who took Berlin, so it would have been the Russians and Stalin who took the blame for his escape…In the beginning, it was the Russians who were the first ones to admit that Hitler had escaped, before changing their story.

One more thing…I saw another old article stating that whoever wrote up the marriage certificate, made several mistakes that would be noticeable to anyone who’s first language was German.

I’ll make a separate post of all of this.

Part 9 will be uploaded July 6

The Fuhrer liked Strippers. LOL  I’ve seen a few pictures of  his alleged conquests, and he really liked them “Stacked.” (TnA)

So much for Hitler being Gay.  Do Historians just make stuff up about this dude?

Part 10 will be uploaded July 13

I must admit, over the years reading mainstream History on Hitler, I actually believed he went nuts at times for no reason.  I’ve read stories on him flying into fits of rage, throwing things, screaming, and crying. I even read one where he allegedly rolled around on the floor, like ‘Curly” from The Three Stooges. LOL

“Mein Fuhrer, the Allies are on German Soil”   LOL

This is what American so-called “Historians” are told to write….or else.

The very beginning of the article states everyone wanted to know (even the Russians) was Hitler crazy? The only thing the world knew is the propaganda we pushed here in the U.S.

I have an original article, with an Interview from Hitler’s Doctor in 1945 as the Allies were looking into Hitler’s disappearance. His Doctor states, “Hitler was not ill, his blood pressure was normal and he didn’t have Parkinson’s. The only problem was his eardrums from the explosion in the 1944 bomb plot.”

The more information I read about Hitler as the years progressed, he was crazy, a drug addict, wasn’t a strict vegetarian, had Parkinson’s, was gay, and liked to be Shit and Pissed on by women. (Not Joking)   Can you imagine Heinz Linge cleaning up that mess for 10 years? LOL

In 2019, American Historians will have found Hitler’s Crack Pipe.

In the year 2040 American history books will have an updated photo of Hitler for a new generation.

“This rare photo of Hitler during his last days in Berlin 1945, was unearthed by American Historians.”

“One of the SS guards in the Bunker managed to snap the photo as Der Fuhrer was about to snack on his last corpse before Russian troops arrived.”                                                                                                                                                                                    “Priceless!” (New York Times)

These two magazines are part of a set of 4 that was published in the 40’s. I have all 4, but could only find these two. (on the fly) Will search for the other 2 and add them later. The covers of these two are examples of what helped perpetuate how the people in the U.S. viewed Hitler.

The Motto of American Historians: “FUCK THE TRUTH AND THE FACTS BE DAMNED!”


Article 12 will be Posted July 27

As I said before, I’ve had these articles about 10 years and have never read them, so I’m reading them as I post them. The one thing I gather as I read these from Linge’s point of view, he speaks with a kind of still being loyal to Hitler attitude. I’ve read a lot of articles from German citizens after the war during the most crucial time. (1945-1950)  The one thing that surprised me is, they still spoke highly of Hitler and how great life was in Germany.

You’d think, with Germany in ruins and the German people being under the occupation of the Allies, the citizens would turn…That wasn’t the case…but why? A lot of the high ranking Military did, but that was to save their necks.  I believe the citizens of Germany still had reverence for their Fuhrer because in 12  years he brought them up from despair, gave them pride, and made them a very powerful nation in the eyes of the entire world.

The policies and politicians that constantly raped Germany were gone and the Germans could see in their everyday lives, Hitler actually put them first….but isn’t this what a leader is supposed to do?

Part 12 was short, so I added Part 13 as well…

“THE Queen and Queen Mum raise a Nazi salute in an astonishing home movie shot at Balmoral and seen today for the first time. The film shows the then Princess Elizabeth, just seven, larking about in 1933.”

There was a huge Controversy about this photo in 2015 when it was released by the Sun Newspaper. It shows the British Royals in 1933 giving what appears to be the Nazi Salute.

It has been said that the still picture( taken from film footage) has been taken out of context.  Did Heinz Linge just debunk that?

Part 14 will be posted August 3

This clip is very interesting because…for those of you who don’t know, Hitler was deeply involved in the occult and was part of an Ancient Lodge. I hope to tell that story one day soon. I mention it because of the way Linge said how he carried maps around for Hitler and that the maps were marked with important information to sorta fortify future conquests. This is important because I have a rare book by a man who claimed to have seen Hitler’s Magical Rooms called…”The Chamber of Stars,’ which consisted of 5 rooms for different magical practices. In one room worked 5 of the most powerful “Mind Benders” in Europe.

These Men were Masters of Controlling Consciousness and the Magnetic Fluid.   When Hitler wanted a Country, these “Masters of the Magnetic Fluid,” would Superimpose Hitler’s Troops and Signs of Victory over the Map or Photo of a Country. The “Mind Benders,” would then all focus on the photo to bring it all to reality. it was called “Treasure Mapping.” ( I think… remembering on the fly, but I do have the books)  You don’t think about what you want to happen, you think of it as already happened and is already a reality.

Linge also mentioned the 3 colored pencils again that Hitler used. Red when writing to an enemy,  Blue for Caution and Green for a friend.  A focus on Consciousness and Magical Thinking.

The Amazing part is, the example used in the book about Hitlers “Mind Benders,” Czechoslovakia was used in the photo experiment.  Linge may have given us another confirmation…

Article 15 will be posted on August 10

I heard this story for years and I always thought it was a myth…

This has to be what brought on all those Polish Jokes.

Hitler seemed to break certain rules when deemed necessary. (Giving his soldiers Cigarettes)   Germany was one of the first nations to link smoking to Cancer. The Reich pushed for a ban in public places.

Reading this clip, I remembered I had the Documents book on the German and Polish relationship just before Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany September 1, 1939. This book has most if not all of the Documents of the Nations involved and what, they thought and said before and after the situation. The book is in my possession and I’ve scanned several pages. 

The only reason I feel comfortable using this is…1, this is an original and not a copy and 2, these are the documents that were published by Britain in documenting the situation for the record to the world.  Translation: I don’t feel that this is biased. That came later, during and after the war.

Two of the major things that I  learned about Hitler is, he hated that Germany had to surrender in WWI, and felt the Politicians and Backstabbers sold Germany out.

Top of the list….the Treaty of Versailles, because it was just meant to Humiliate and Shame the German People and to make them Weak and Docile forever.

From This Speech below, I finally understand the true meaning behind…”Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!”  (One People, One Empire, One Leader!)

This is one of the main reasons that after the War, the German people had to be ‘Re-Educated” and everything that they heard about Hitler had to be made into a lie. That sense of  Pride(Death Camps) That sense of Unity(Berlin wall) That sense of Technological Prowess (Allies Confiscated all German Tech as War Booty)  A Millennia of German History (1933-1945)

To Understand the Germany of 2018 and beyond you have to understand the truth about WWII and the aftermath.

Part 16 will be Uploaded August 17

This first part either Linge is lying or wasn’t privy to Hitler’s involvement in the occult. It’s common knowledge (in occult circles) Not only was Hitler a member of a Powerful Magical Lodge, but Hitler and Himmler, Hess and other party members would grab people from all over Europe and force them (if they were unwilling) to help them in the occult side of the war. I’ll post some of these articles later.  These Lodges were of a very secret Order and not even the Fuhrer of Germany could break the Rules.

Not to mention, in these articles Linge mentioned twice already about Hitler’s 3 different colored pencils for writing. “The Red he used when writing to an Enemy, the Blue when writing to someone where caution was advised and the Green when writing to a Friend.” That is a form of Mental Science that is a part of the occult. That Gypsy story I thought was a myth, as I first heard something similar on the National Geographic Channel years ago, but never believed it… So that Gypsy story may be true…  Did Linge just confirm another story that was thought of as myth?

Personally, I think Linge knew about Hitler’s involvement in the occult, but would never tell.

Part 17 August 24

Part 18, August 31

I have always heard in some fashion, that Hitler had some form of ….respect…. for Britain and only wanted peace from her.  I guess it was true. The irony out of all of this is, it was Britain that declared war on Germany and not the other way around as most American’s here think.

The Historians here in the States call what Hitler did in the wake of  Dunkirk one of his biggest mistakes.   Was the mistake in showing a form of Mercy/Respect for an enemy?

Honestly, I think if Hitler was the monster History says he was and without mercy, nothing could have stopped Germany from conquering the entire world.

I remembered I had an old British newspaper from September 3, 1939, two days after Hitler’s attack on Poland.

I bought a stack of these years ago. When the Nazis occupied the channel islands in 1940, they had a Newspaper on Guernsey written in English.                       (The Channel Islands were the only British territory ever occupied by the Nazis.)   In several of these Newspapers, the Nazis were adamant that Hitler pursued peace, between 1933-1939 but it was rejected.

I looked at what Hitler wanted and it was a pretty long list. It all had to do with Germany being respected and treated as an equal….nothing more, nothing less.

Article 19, will be posted on September 7

WOW!  Just as I had suspected when I read the part about Mussolini invading Greece and Hitler would have to help in some fashion…

LOL, It was Italy and the Buffoon Mussolini, that cost Hitler Russia. Not a war on two fronts as the Historians claim.

***Dunkirk was lost because Hitler showed Mercy and had a respect for Britain in hopes she would give in without being destroyed.

***Hitler helping out the Fuhrer wannabe Mussolini, cost Hitler his advance on Russia.

***Franco another small Idiot who like Mussolini wanted to be seen as a conquer like Hitler, but neither had the drive nor the Balls and it cost the Reich dearly.

Two Clowns: 1 Spineless and the other a Moron.

Both Russian and Britain would come back with a vengeance…so the next time you see a Spaniard or Italian, waving a Nazi Flag and screaming Heil Hitler, tell them to Shut the Fuck Up…LOL

Next Article 20 will be posted September 14

This article is fascinating in the fact that it goes to show that Hitler did not want to destroy Britain as is stated or referred to in these articles, but wanted some form of mutual Peace and Respect between Britain and Germany. Why?… Don’t know, but the only thing that comes to mind(at the moment) is this… I have an article from the 1930’s or early 40’s and it says that it was an Englishman who was one of Hitler’s mentors and helped him to some degree in his thinking. There are many individuals that are attributed to Hitler’s rise and this Englishman may have been one of the most important.

I’ll find the article and post it next week. Did Hitler promise this mentor that he would spare Britain?

The other interesting piece here is the fact that Hitler knew Commie Stalin couldn’t be trusted and knew while he was busy with keeping Britain at bay, Stalin would order a strike, while all players were busy with tied up resources.  Hitler struck first.

Hess ended up in Prison, sentenced to Life, but committed “Suicide” at 93 years of age. Sure he did…

Hess could barely walk in the end, but had the strength to hang himself!?

My opinion?  Israel sent the Mossad and the Mossad agents did it themselves after bribing their way in through political channels. Id bet my life on it.     Seriously!?… you hang an old man who couldn’t defend himself, even if he wanted too.   That was not justice, it was Revenge.

History: “Hitler went crazy and started a War on two fronts.”

Fact 1: Hitler knew that Stalin was intending on spreading communism throughout all of Europe and then the world. Stalin made it clear that when Hitler was tied up with the War, Russia would move in Strong.

Fact 2: Dealing with the Buffoon Mussolini and the Spineless Franco, held Hitler back two months from his planned Russian campaign and the winter caught up with him as he was late at the start. (Operation Barbarossa)

History: “Hitler went crazy and stopped attacking Britain at her weakest moments because he didn’t listen to his Generals.”

Fact: Hitler had constantly sued for Peace from Britain because of some form of  Respect, and showed Mercy at Dunkirk because he would rather have England surrender than be destroyed.

Remember the Motto of American Historians: “FUCK THE TRUTH AND THE FACTS BE DAMNED.”

Next article on September 21

I found the article that I mentioned last week(September 14th) about the Englishman who may have influenced Hitler and Nazism.

What you read below, could be the reason Hitler never had a desire to crush Britain and may have spared her for the sake of his mentor.

Linge does make another slip up concerning Hitler’s belief in the esoteric.  Linge said that Hitler was not interested in such things, but keeps making references to such things…  I think Linge knew, but would never tell that side of Hitler. Maybe he was afraid or sworn to secrecy.

I would love to do a story on Hitler’s involvement in the occult.

Unfortunately, there is only one more article after this one as I have seen no others in my stash.  The article skips so article  24, will be posted on September 28th and will be the last of this series. 🙁

FOUND ARTICLE 23!!  So it still leaves one more.

As I said before, it was the idiot Mussolini and his useless troops that lost Hitler Russia.

This is by far the funniest thing I’ve read so far, I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard all week. LOL

“I know Linge, they’re no good…but what can I do?”  LOL

“But from Hitler’s expression, you would have thought he was inspecting the finest soldiers in the world.”  LOL

“I suppose I must have some allies, although it would have been much better for Germany if Italy had been neutral.” LOL LOL LOL

I believe I have one more article I’ll post October 5th.    LOL

October 12 will have another clip for sure…

Wow!!,  I can see why Hitler hated the Italians…Militarily, they were just straight fuck-ups…LOL

Next Post October 19

This is the most interesting article out of all of them.

It proves beyond of a shadow of a doubt, that Hitler knew the time and Place of  D-Day.  History says that Hitler was not only unaware of the Invasion of Normandy, June 6, 1944, History says that Hitler was sleeping like a baby.

Now, at first, I thought that this was more Bullshit lies from American Historians. It may not be the case this time.  This may be hard to believe, but the Nazis knew the secret to Time-Travel. I learned how Time-Travel works from the science papers of Soviet Russia’s Scientists.   I’m not sure if the Russians, took the Knowledge from the Nazis or if both groups learned Independently of each other.

I know most American’s may not believe this because, we’ve been taught relativity. The Russians and Germans have always scoured the globe for advanced and Hidden technology. Long story short, the German’s figured out how to send messages into the past….No, Really…

Sometime in the future,(After 1945) someone or a bunch of someones sent Hitler the information about the D-Day landings to change History.

The Russians call this technique “Psycho-energetics”…”Psychotronics” or sometimes “Bio-energetics.”  It just means the merging of  Mind and Machine. Like the “Tepahone” in “Frabato” or the Nazi Bell Project.

Heinz Linge said that, only Hitler knew, everyone else including Hitler’s Generals were caught off guard.

Take a look at this…

WOW!…LOL… His Generals didn’t listen, but History says, it was Hitler who didn’t listen and so came his downfall. (No movie

As you can see, even in this article it says that Hitler knew, when and where of the Invasion, but his intel and Generals didn’t.

So how did Hitler know? Information was sent from the the Future. What you see here, Ive termed a “Time-Droplet.”   This is a piece of information or artifact that doesn’t coincide with present History. (Lies not included)  Hitler as I mentioned before, was deeply involved with esoteric and ancient knowledge.  Believe it or not, but this reality can be manipulated and changed.

I know you’re wondering about the Paradoxes…The scheme failed because of the “The Novikov Self-Consistency Principle.”   It’s  fancy words that mean, if you know what happens in History it can’t be changed. You can go back and interact in the past, but History will still unfold as you know it.

This is why Hitler’s Mind Benders couldn’t change History.  There’s more, but I gave you the Short version.  I’ve seen the Translated Russian and German Science papers of this form of ….”Time Manipulation” is probably the correct word.

GOOGLE: “What was Hitler doing on D-Day.”   You’ll see thousands of Historians who say, he was sleeping and or was caught off guard. Again, I thought this was a lie from American Historians, but only Hitler knew…

In fact, Hitler may have been the only one in the entire German Reich who was certain, when and where the Allies would land, but his Generals didn’t believe him…LOL

THE VERY LAST ARTICLE WILL BE POSTED OCTOBER 26…..and I’ll be playing Red Dead Redemption II…BOOM!

October 26

This is the last clip I could find. There are no more articles of this series.

Just remember the motto of American Scientists and Historians. “FUCK THE TRUTH AND THE FACTS BE DAMNED.”

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