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There was a Space Program in Nazi Germany. A Space Program, in every sense of those words, but American Historians and Scientists lie about it……Why?   They fear being called “Anti-Semitic” for telling the truth. I know it’s uncomfortable reading that, but what other reason is there?

Are American Scientists and Historians fucking stupid?  There are only two ways about it…they are either just straight incompetent, or they’re lying.

No seriously…How could a nobody like me find all of this information (With no College Degree) and those who we rely upon in this country to give us unbiased facts and truth in History and Science, fail to find anything on the Nazi Space Program?  It’s because American Historians and Scientists never do their own research, it’s given to them. Then, in turn, we get what those in power want us to know.

I could have made a very good living on YouTube and could be working from home now if I had just left information like this alone. Unlike American Scientists and Historians, I chose/choose to tell the truth.

Remember the Motto of American Historians and Scientists: “Fuck the Truth, and the Facts be Damned.”

You will see here and only here, the irrefutable proof, that Nazi Germany’s Space Program, was more than the V-2 rockets that landed in London and Belgium.

I have so much information on this topic; I didn’t know where to start. So I will post the first article I found (by accident) that admitted, Nazi Germany had a Space program. I posted all of this information on YouTube, but it was taken down by the moderators. It’s one thing to post about Nazi Germany’s Space Program, with no proof, you’re just a conspiracy theorist, and those videos stay up. The Video I posted came from original magazines and books from the ’40s and ’50s about Nazi Germany’s Space Program and that video was taken down.

Something else I’ve realized is, as I get older, I have no one to give everything I’ve collected too. No one in my family believes in any of the things I believe in, and for sure, all of the knowledge I’ve collected will be sold for next to nothing or even worse… thrown away.

It’s common knowledge to those who study the occult sciences that Adolf Hitler and the hierarchy of the Nazi Party were deeply involved in the occult. I’ve always been fascinated with this. I like original sources for my information because it cuts out all the B.S. Trolls and Agents(Spy’s who destroy you from the inside out.) I find these usually in old bookstores and auctions. One day looking through some old newspapers from WWII…I found this.

After finding that, I continued to do more research and this research has lasted for the past 15 years, with more irrefutable proof, that Nazi Germany did have a Space Program.

You may be a bit confused about what you’ve read so far…

After WWII ended and the earth was conquered, Nazi Scientists were going to put two Space Stations in orbit.

One Space station(Earth Orbiting Battle Station)was meant to orbit the earth and designed with modified V-2 or V-3 weapons.

This was to keep the conquered nations of the earth, under constant surveillance and the V2’s or V-3’s would be launched from the Battle Station to targets on earth that defied the will of the Fuhrer and the Reich. The same Battle Station was also meant to have shuttlecraft to mine the moon of its resources and establish Lunar Bases and then colonies. The Nazis figured it would be easier and more economical to have shuttlecraft (Space Shuttles) to ferry cargo from earth to the Battle Station only when it was a necessity. The main cargo, fuel, minerals, etc. would be mined on the moon and transported back to the Battle Station. (Less fuel and less time wasted)

The Space station (Mothership) was meant to be mobile, going from planet to planet, conquering worlds, rare resources and possible inhabitants in the name of the Fuhrer, the German Empire, and the Aryan Race.

Mars after the Moon was going to be the 3rd planet added to the Third Reich. This is what the Nazi scientist told the American Military about Mars…

LOL, The Germans to the American Scientists…”What the Hell were you guys doing for the last 12 years?” LOL

I wonder if there’s something that George Lucas wants to tell us?

This next book cost me $ 225.00 and I only needed the two paragraphs that you’re about to read. True History and Science is expensive.

And in case, you’re wondering about the Nazi Atomic Bomb…another lie that has been told. In fact, the Germans had their Atomic Bomb ready to use in War by January of 1945, and it was ready for testing by 1943… but that’s another story you will soon see here

Area 51 was built to study Nazi Technology.

As you can see Von Braun, is giving us (The United States) the same speech, that he and his fellow scientists gave to Adolf Hitler and of course Hitler gave them the green light for their elaborate plans.  Bases on the Moon and Mars, an Earth Orbiting Battlestation, A Giant Mothership…WTF?!

LOL… I’m reading all of this and it’s still unbelievable. I can see why American Historians and Scientists don’t.  They’re programmed not to have any vision or an opened mind, so knowing this would destroy their already fragile minds. It’s still no excuse not to do any research on this subject and just say, “it doesn’t exist.”   Yet, no one knows why we had to bring thousands of Nazi Scientists here to the U.S…Well now you know why. They have the nerve to call us “conspiracy theorists.”


This is another thing you will notice, the names of the German’s, Austrian’s, Romanian’s and others who served the Reich, all of their names will begin to disappear alongside the technology they created. Only American, British, and Russian names will begin to stand out.

Yep, you read that right. The Nazi’s were going to launch 100 Spaceships 150 miles up (Low Orbit) with atomic payloads and bomb cities after coming out of…Space. From my understanding, the first targets were London, Moscow and New York.  The movie Iron Sky wasn’t too far off. “Za dark side of ze moon!

LOL, Pretty funny right?  The Nazis are in the background designing this stuff for us and we make-believe, it’s the genius of our scientists who are creating all of this. I wonder if that is an X for the landing spot or an Iron Cross…. sorta inside joke at Edwards Air force Base.

Now, because the skeptics have lost this battle, they will say…”If the Nazis did have plans to make spaceships and  go into outer space, the ships would burn up upon reentry, because we didn’t have sufficient heat-resistant materials.”

My Reply…

So yeah, we didn’t have those materials…but they did.

That’s what Vision does, maybe the German Space Mirror would have worked, maybe it wouldn’t have, but out of applied science comes new things…vs that theoretical garbage. Kinda explains why the Russians beat us not only into space but had a bunch of firsts, for space…

Sometimes, designs are by accident.

“American Scientists hardly bothered to laugh.”  LOL

Now you see why we needed those Nazi Scientists, our Scientists were straight jackasses. This is why they love that theoretical garbage, instead of applied science.  “Yeah, the math says we can, but we can’t, meh let’s go get some ice cream.”

If the U.S. Military made it so that any civilian scientist working for them and who receives federal money in the form of grants etc. had to do at least one tour in a hostile nation, I can guarantee you, all of that theoretical crap would go out the window. When and if they returned home (and their minds were still intact) they would start inventing new Armor, weapons, vehicles, etc.  This is what happened in Germany, with constant bombing by the allies, the scientists there had to think.  Our scientists have always been safe, thanks to our brave men and women who serve; they don’t have to think…rinse and repeat for the last 80 years.

For those of you who are in school and you’re thinking of writing a book report or essay on this…there’s not a teacher or professor in this country(U.S.A.) who would dare risk his/her career to print this. Doesn’t matter if this is the truth or not.  The Fear is Real…

Q]” Is there any factual basis for these outrageous fantasies? Did Nazi Germany actually have a space program?”

A]” Absolutely not, according to Smithsonian Space History Curator Michael Neufeld.

This is a typical misunderstanding,” Neufeld says. “People equate a rocket program with a space program, and the German rocket program was about building weapons only. That was the only reason Nazi Germany supported rocketry. Their objective was to build the V-2 and, if possible in the future, larger and longer-range weapons.”

Did the Nazis have Space Program?

I have no Funding, I have no College Degree, I have no access to University Libraries, No Backing and Yet, I’ve just proved wrong the so-called brightest minds in the field of History in this country and the best part is, there’s nothing they can do about it.    They’re used to failure anyway…smh

American Historians and Scientists, still “Peacockin” in 2018 LOL

Did the Nazis have a space program? – Science on the Web #92


You all know the motto of American Historians and Scientists: ‘Fuck the Truth and the Facts be Damned.”

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