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Alleged Extraterrestrial Writing.

This photo is in response to a news article mentioned by
Brother “hanzo 133″(Youtube) The article was about The “Bruno Borges case.”
Bruno Borges was was alien enthusiast who mysteriously disappeared and left behind a locked code-covered room and in this room was a statue of a 16th-Century philosopher who predicted extraterrestrial life.
On March 27, 2017 Borges, 24, reportedly vanished from his family home in Brazil after working on a secretive project.

The story reminded me about an article I read from the 60’s about a man who claimed to be in contact with E.T. beings and was given access to the Language, History and Science of this E.T. Race. The language was called “Varkulets.” In his possession were over a dozen books written in this script.

One document read: “Space in a galaxy and in a galactic group, is not absolute space in the accepted sense. It is the womb of the three dimensional worlds.” ‘In absolute space time movement does not exist.” “The extra-cosmic present is the essence of absolute space.”

Link to Bruno Borges case:

I’m not saying that there is a link between the two cases, I just remembered this one from the article brought forth by brother “hanzo 133”

Alleged Varkulet Writing:

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