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Hermetics and How I Got My Powers

How I Got My Powers: Part IV

Princeton University Science Experiment Proves I can "Bend."Boom!I recommend that you watch the whole video, but the 7 minute section that I marked, I wanted...

How I Got My Powers: Part III

This next video is probably my favorite, as I learned new information about the Magnetic Fluid. It can Manipulate Time.Hard to believe I know, but...

How I Got My Powers: Part II

One day,while I was editing a video of me “bending” my birds, I noticed something. I noticed as I was staring at the video, I...

How I Got My Powers: Part I

I find myself writing this because it is not just necessary, but it's also my responsibility. The world is full of people like myself, and...

American Thought

Is Tucker Carlson a Zionist Shill? Remember the USS Liberty, because he won’t. (June 8, 1967)

Black America “Roasts” America’s Coward Cops. (2022)

How the Army chooses its Officers. (1942)

American Veterans have been waiting 6 years, for 1 Billion in funding…meanwhile Ukraine gets 50 Billion in two Months. (2022)

Will Tucker Carlson mention the 55th anniversary of the USS Liberty Massacre by Israel this June 8th, 2022?

English Girl, Poses as an American Airman and goes Undetected for Six Months on Base (1954)

How the Roman Catholic Church Invented Christmas (1810)

Seven women (of many) who served our country with distinction in WWII (1943)

I Flew with the Atomic Bomb (1945)

“One if by Land, Two if by Sea.” Paul Revere’s Ride. (1899)

Remembering the Massacre of 34 American Sailors, by Israel on June 8, 1967. (Survivors tell their Story)

Why we must update our Immigration policy. (1947)

Native Hawaiians defend American soil against the Japanese, in the battle of Niihau. (1942)

The World “Clowns” U.S. Democracy. 2021

The Story of our Christmas Tree (1957)

Was Henry Ford Sr. an Anti-Semite, or American Patriot? (1920)

Are they Protests or are they Riots? (1967-2020)

Diary of an Unknown American Pilot from WWI (1937)

America is Great, because of the Opportunities it offers, to those who really want it. (1948)

The Day Israel Murdered 34 Americans with Impunity and nearly started WWIII. (1967)

The Bill of Rights, and the “Freedom Train” of 1947

Mandatory Military Training from 18-21 (1947)

HISTORY OF THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER (1935) “Our Flag was still there.”

America cannot be Rich, Weak, and Safe all at the same time. (1945)

Old Technology=New Money


The First Airless Car Tire (1909) and (2019)

The Chinese Prove Tesla right and Einstein wrong. (1931-2021)

Russian “Super-Science,” tried to bring Michael Jackson back from the dead. (1929-2021)

Are the Russian’s using Banned Tesla Technology against the United States? (1976-2021)

Nazi Germany had Video Conference Calling. (1936)

The Cars that ran on Water

2000-Year-Old Androids, Automatons and the Antikythera Mechanism (1780)

Holograms in the 19th Century. (1876)

Do Ancient Indian Sanskrit manuscripts, mention Atomic Warfare? (1883-1896)

The World turns to Hitler’s Scientists, in hopes of Combating Global Warming (1938-2020) LOL

Batteries 2000 Years ago. (1957)

Tesla’s Wireless Technology has existed since 1891, perfected in 1959, so where is it in 2020?? (1959)

Super Human Functions-AKA “Exceptionals”

Ninel Kulagina “PK Princess” (1964)

Before I knew who the "X-men" were or what a "Mutant" was, I knew about Ninel Kulagina. Her Origin Story and my Origin Story are...

Why are most “Exceptionals” criminals? Part 4

I've had my powers for ten years now; furthermore, believe it or not, I was happy just proving to myself that the "old science" is...

Why are most “Exceptionals” criminals? Part 3

Part 1 I met one of these gurujis around 2001-2002; he came into the store I was working in at the time. I...

Why are most “Exceptionals” criminals? Part 2

Since Kanzawa Sensei and I both have the same powers, I think comparing our powers and lives, might be a good way to ask that...

Why are most “Exceptionals” Criminals? Part 1

The reason for writing this post is that I saw something unexpected, well, two surprising things. The first was a Billionaire "Exceptional," and the second...

The U.S. tries to catch up with Russia and China in studying the Paranormal for Military Use. “Project Stargate” (1976)

In this post, is one of the earliest articles on the United States Government's research into the use of paranormal phenomenon for Military use. The...

Soviets Capture, Hitler’s Omega Level Telepaths. “Exceptionals” (1955)

What you're about to read, is a rare article into the secret workings by Hitler, the Nazis and the Soviets in their quest to utilize...

French Anthropologist Predicted Rise of Omega Level Humans with Powers. (1946)

If there was a Hogwarts or a School for the Gifted, like in X-men, they would be in one of 3 places. Beijing, Moscow or...

Adolf Hitler Master Magician

This was one of Adolf Hitler’s favorite books on the “Dark Arts.” (1923)

Let me tell you guys how all of this started. In 2009, I was looking for more books on Hitler, the Nazis and the Nazi...

An Interview with one of Hitler’s “Psychic Bodyguards.” (1965) Episode IV

If her husband Otto was "trembling" when Hitler came, I'm surprised he didn't have a heart attack when he opened the door and saw Himmler...

The Spear of Destiny-from Gaius to Hitler (1974) Episode III

The Story of Hitler and the Spear of Destiny is legendary when speaking about the Nazis and the Occult. I think only the Ark of...

Hitler’s Jewish Astrologer (1939) Episode II

The first thing I want to say about this article is that Hitler did not order Hanussen's murder. Hitler loved power, no matter where it...

Manly P. Hall’s Astrological Predictions for Hitler and Germany (1933) Episode 1

I began studying about Hitler and the Occult sometime in the '70s, and it has always fascinated me. It wasn't even starting with Hitler and...

The Medicinal Properties and Secrets of Plants-Herbs and His Kind of the 17th and 18th Centuries

Strawberries and his kind of the 17th and 18th Centuries

The Vertues (Virtues) in these Herbs and Plants will be labeled with Alphabets, beginning with A and continuing until all virtues are listed.Strawberries seem to...

Cannabis and his kind of the 17th and 18th Centuries

I'd listen to virtue (B)"...and is so great a drier, as that it drieth up the seed, if too much be eaten of it."Translation: Too...

Origins: Interviews of the Famous and Infamous Throughout History

Whatever happened to Adolf Hitler’s and Eva Braun’s son and daughter? (1945)

An Interview with Dr. Michio Kaku, and what he says Sci-Fi films got wrong. (1978)

Interview with a 100-year-old Nazi SS Captain (1913-2013)

The Last 7 Days of Benito Mussolini. (1944)

Was Emperor Napoleon I, Clairvoyant? (1946)

Knights of the Red Shield, Birth of the House of Rothschild (1874)

The Skull and Bones (1877)

An Interview with Fidel Castro in the Mountains of Cuba, during the Revolution. (1956)

Allied and Nazi doctors confirm, Adolf Hitler was not ill, nor was he a drug addict. (1945)

Hitler Knew the Allied D-Day Invasion would be in Normandy, but his Generals didn’t believe him. (1946)

King Tut’s Tomb and the Curse of Amen-Ra (1930)

“Operation Valkyrie,” The Plot to Assassinate Adolf Hitler (1946)

Queen Mary, The Queen Mother: Her Sacrifice for her People and Country(1937)

Irishmen invented the Submarine for Warfare, to help in Gaining their Independence from Britain. (1967)

How we captured ‘Scarface.” (1947)

Europa: The Last Battle

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told. (By Dennis Wise 2013)

An Interview with one of Hitler’s “Psychic Bodyguards.” (1965) Episode IV

An Englishman, the Father of all Computers Great and Small. (1961)

A Russian, the Father and Founder of Space Travel Science? (1959)

An Interview with Heinz Linge, Adolf Hitler’s Valet, 1955

An Interview with Adolf Hitler 1935

An Interview with Joseph Stalin 1938

An Interview with Nikola Tesla 1935

A Visit with Gandhi (1947)

Superman was created from the Mind of two Boys who were Bullied.(1941)

Things that Piss Me off

The Day Israel Murdered 34 Americans with Impunity and nearly started WWIII. (1967)

Netanyahu tried to use footage from a 2007 movie, to falsely accuse Iran of hiding dead COVID-19 bodies. (2020)

American Scientists offered One Billion dollars to German Scientists, to move their COVID-19 research to the United States. (WTF?!)

Pharmaceutical Kingpin admits drugs will be made to Break and Control the Human Will. (1961)

American Witnesses, Brutal Daily Life of Palestinians, under Israeli Occupation. (2017)

Israel: The Occupation of the American Mind.

GMO’s and 70 Years of Lies.(1946)

How the Rothschild’s Stole Palestine (1945)

Looting and Crime in the March 2011 Japanese Earthquake, and why the American Media tried to Hide it. (Seriously WTF!?)

The Escape of Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Hitler and why American Historians and Scientists must lie about it.

Germans Forced to Lie about Hitler’s Flying Saucers.

American Oil Barons say, Alternative Fuels will never work. (1935)

Has Westinghouse been hiding Tesla’s Wireless Technology?(1946)

Baron Von Rothschild Helped the Bankers Finance Adolf Hitler (1935)

A 1946 Prophecy Predicted the Current Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Some of my Toys

Protected: Studies in Occultism 1895

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Atlantis-Our Mother Continent

Our Story of Atlantis (1903)

Written by one of our "brothers," this book gives an account of Atlantis from the Ancient texts in possession of the Ancient Brotherhoods. The History,...

Edgar Cayce on Atlantean Technology and the Hall of Records

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) has been called the "sleeping prophet," the "father of holistic medicine," and the most documented psychic of the 20th century. Cayce was...

Books Related to the Hermetic and Ancient Sciences

Our Story of Atlantis (1903)

Written by one of our "brothers," this book gives an account of Atlantis from the Ancient texts in possession of the Ancient Brotherhoods. The History,...

Man Visible and Invisible (1903) (As seen through the Eyes of Powerful Clairvoyants)

One of the best books not just written on the subject of clairvoyance, but written by a Brother and Teacher of ours, who is considered...

The Principles of Light and Color: (1878)

One of the best books on color therapy healing ever written. (1878)

Alleged Extraterrestrial Writing.

This photo is in response to a news article mentioned by Brother "hanzo 133"(Youtube) The article was about The "Bruno Borges case." Bruno Borges was...

The Mudras and Asanas of the 4th Tarot Card

The 4th Tarot from the Golden Book of Wisdom, signifies the initiate gaining an understanding of his body and its energy centers and the body's...

Viktor Grebennikov – Anti-Gravity & Levitation

Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov --- naturalist and a professional entomologist. He is also an artist and an intellectual with a wide range of interests and pursuits....

Videos Relating to the Old Sciences

Kanzawa Sensei using the Magnetic Fluid

Kanzawa Sensei is a Chi master from Japan. He uses Yin energy or what we call the "Magnetic Fluid," in the Hermetic Sciences. He and...

Chinese Child Teleporting Pills from a sealed Vial using her Superpowers.

Rare footage of a Chinese Child Teleporting Pills from a Sealed Vial. The Pills are counted and marked with the initials of one of the...

coming soon

The Nazi Bell and its Ancient Origins.

Die Glocke (hoax) Artist impression of Die Glocke."Die Glocke (German: , "The Bell") was a purported top-secret Nazi scientific technological device, secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe. First...

Chinese Children Discover their SuperPowers at “Jedi Camp” in the U.S. (2002)

China is one of the world leaders in developing and studying paranormal abilities in humans and especially children for Military and Industrial use,  American scientists...

HIV was created in a Lab.

HIV was created in a lab in the United States. You'll see the State, City, name of the lab and why.Coming Soon   

Hitler’s Time Machine (1945)

Nazi Science had a form of "Time Manipulation," but the Soviets some years later years used the same science in their control of Time. I'm...

Hitler and the Nazis Defend Black Americans because of their Brutal Treatment in the United States. (1938)

It has come to Light and out of the Darkness in the past few years, that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were not the racist...

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